10 Best Benefits of a Treadmill

The benefits of a treadmill are immense. A treadmill is the most important fitness equipment for cardiovascular exercises. You can use a treadmill for walking, jogging, and running.

You may argue these three exercises you can do without this cardio running machine too. All you need to step out of your room and just walk, jog or run as per your choice. Who is going to stop you?

True, no one else stops you from doing these basic workouts. But, you stop yourself. It may in form of your laziness, busyness, bad weather or insecurity.

A treadmill at home creates workout friendly environment in your vicinity. You can workout at your own time and as per your own requirement.

Various Workouts on a Treadmill

Modern treadmills have got a lot of advanced features. Therefore, they offer many types of cardiovascular workouts. There are many workout benefits of a treadmill.


The first benefit of a treadmill is walking.

Walking is the most underrated form of exercise as per nbcnews.com. Science proves a lot of physical and mental benefits from walking.

You walk on a treadmill in various simulations using program settings and inclination features. Even if you go for outside walk you will not get so much dynamic features.

In case of outdoor walking a static physiography like a park, road or a ground you visit on daily basis. You do not have option to change the variety.

So, after a few days of outdoor walking you stop going there due to plateauing attitude. But, this is not the case with a treadmill.

You keep a treadmill at home, switch on and start using it. There are many safety features like side handlebars and emergency stop button, side speed control buttons which are very helpful for elderly people.

A treadmill of 1.5 to 2 HP is good enough for walking purposes.


The next important benefit of treadmill is jogging.

Jogging is nothing but running at a slower pace in a leisurely style. The idea is to have a lower impact on the body than running and cover longer distances.

It is a kind of aerobic endurance training. Some researchers define jogging as running slower than 10 km per hour.

Any way, the important point is that a treadmill is perfect equipment to have jogging on daily basis. You may miss some days if you go outdoor for jogging due to many uncontrolled reasons.

On a treadmill various programs are given for jogging purposes to give a variety of endurance training. 2 HP to 3 HP motor capacity for good if you are planning to get a treadmill for jogging purposes.

As per the study of Standford University School of Medicine jogging is helpful in minimizing aging, reduce the risk of cancer and obesity.

Weight gain and heart is problems are big risk for people. In this case, If you jog on a treadmill on regular basis your blood circulation improves and this assists in preserving a balanced weight gain.

In a Danish study report in 2015 it was observed that mortality rate in joggers was considerably lower than non joggers or fast runners.


Running is a great exercise for losing weight, controlling cholesterol, improving heart performance, removing stress, anxiety, depression, and many mental problems.

To have great health, running is extremely important. Even if are a gym-goer running is required for warming up your full body before going for a strenuous workout.

A treadmill comes with many features to give you a healthy running experience. Features like treadmill belt, motor, multi-function console, and preset workout programs together help control your movement.

Suppose you have to run on a hill like physiography. Just keep you treadmill inclined and activate hilly program if it is given in the treadmill. You feel kike climbing on a hill.

Similarly, to run a beach you activate the beach side running program. In this case treadmill will let you feel like running a sand surface beside a sea sore.

Hence, a treadmill can facilitate you to run in multiple physiographies at one location. This is really one most attractive features of the treadmill that makes it outstanding from outdoor running.

Benefits of a Treadmill Running Vs Outdoor Running

Many people prefer treadmill running while others go for outdoor running. Yes, of course, both have their own pros and cons. After differentiation, you will be able to identify the benefits of a treadmill.

Treadmill Running


Let it be any weather outside you can perform a workout on your treadmill.
You can simulate multiple physiography.
Real-time workout parameters like heart bit, time, distance, and calories burnt can be monitored.
The full family gets to benefit from a single investment.
Even if you don’t find time in the early morning and evening then also you can do the workout as per your’s availability of time.


Needs initial investment.
If you are new you have to learn things.
Occupies space in the home.
Needs maintenance.

Outdoor Running


You find fresh air and build new friends.
Feel rejuvenation in the natural atmosphere.
You can run with friends and make it enjoyable.
There is no investment. All you need to step outside.
Follow any path as per your choice.


Outside air, ground, and roads are polluted.
Everybody has not the luxury of a park or ground.
Due to climate variations, you can’t be regular.
Safety and security issues are there in the early morning and evening.

Health Benefits of a Treadmill

See, there are numerous benefits of a treadmill but only of you utilize your treadmill for workout purpose and don’t keep it idle.

Many people invest a huge amount in a treadmill but just keep it positioned in a corner of their home gym. Obviously, they are not going to get any health benefits.

Any way here are the health benefits of a treadmill if you utilize it purposely.

You lose weight and get perfect body fitness.
After a daily workout, you will feel energetic and young.
Daily joggers are less susceptible to many diseases like cough, cold, asthma, and even cancer.
You get psychological benefits and remain free from depression, anxiety, and stress.
A treadmill improves the health of full family members.

The Bottom Line

You have seen here a number of health benefits of a treadmill. How it keeps you fit and gives you a stress-free life. Your performances at the workplace and in your personal life increase a lot.

If you are looking for great health then it is wiser to invest in a treadmill.