Benefits of Exercises or Physical Activity

Before going into benefits of exercises you must understand that health and fitness is the state of being healthy both physically and mentally. With regular exercise and having balanced diet one can gain a healthy mind and body.

On the one hand, healthy and clean nutritious food in right amount and at right time is the key for a person to stay fit and healthy. At the same time right and regular exercises play crucial role in maintaining better metabolism and giving your body a good looking shape.

10 Benefits of Regular Physical Activity

Although, you will get a number of benefits from exercises, here are 10 benefits of exercises that together make compelling reasons to you must take exercises or workout on regular basis.

Exercise Helps You Control Weight

It is a proven fact that a good amount of exercise needs energy and for that it burns calories. If you reduce your calories intake and increase exercise intensity the result will be weight loss.

At the same time, to maintain your weight in healthy range you need burn extra calories on regular basis or lower the calories intake. For your reference we are giving here height weight chat according to which you can control your weight and maintain a healthy and fit life.

Exercise Helps You Prevent Disease

There are many diseases that happen due to overweight or higher fat accumulation. Some of them are blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes, obesity and many more.

A regular exercise helps you prevent almost all types of lifestyle diseases. With exercise heart needs to do more pumping and so blood circulation throughout body increases.

With increased blood circulation oxygen level increases too. Also insulin generation capabilities increase due to improved metabolism.

Thus summarily you can say that preventing various types of lifestyle diseases is one of the best benefits of exercises.

Exercise Makes Mood Positive

After years of research on “relation between exercise and cognition”, psychologists have found that due to exercise brain releases chemicals like endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and adrenaline. These chemicals show their effects for many hours even after many hours.

Because of this after exercise your brain goes into euphoric effect called “runners high”. At this time, you feel yourself on top of the world.

According to Art Kramer, a professor of health psychologist at Northeaster University clearly says “exercise has dramatic impact on brains. Right now research is underway to establish what amount of benefits come from exercise?”.

Thus exercise helps you lower anxiety, depression and reducing stress level. Overall your it greatly improves your mood.

Exercise Enhances Energy Level

When you do exhaustive exercise there happens cellular level changes in your body. Due to this your body produces more mitochondria in your muscles.

As you know mitochondria is known as powerhouse of cells, so due to higher mitochondria inside body muscles your energy level becomes higher. Because mitochondria create fuel out of glucose from food.

Due to exercise your heart pumps more oxygen in your body through blood circulation. As a result, your body functions better and uses its energy more efficiently.

Also, due to you get a boost in hormones and chemicals exertion due to exercise. These chemicals like endorphins make you feel more energized.

Exercise Improves Sleep Pattern

For many years a lot of research have been done to establish relation between exercise and sleep. As a result, psychologists and fitness researchers have concluded that If you exercise on regular basis you get sound sleep and when you sleep better next day your physical workouts increase.

In other words, you can say exercise and sleep help each other. But, your exercise must get finished at least 2 hours before sleep starts. If not done so, due to exertion of endorphins you remain more active and so your sleep gets delayed.

Exercise is Fun and Makes You Social

Exercises are no longer boring tasks. With lot of online virtual participation and video games inbuilt with fitness equipment exercise has become fun.

You make a lot of friends who like doing exercises and so you start socializing yourself on a faster rate. Due to this your professional prowess also improves.

Exercise Makes You Good Looking

Who doesn’t like to be seen lean, tall and handsome with well built body. Well the only way you can get such type of body is by doing regular exercises.

With bicep exercises your muscles look attractive. Doing chest and back exercises keep you straight and under controlled weight.

Due fat loss and calories burning your skin looks glowing and makes your look charming and attractive. And, being more energetic you always remain warm.

Exercise Helps You Work for Longer Hours

One of the main benefit of doing exercises is building up stamina. With increased stamina you are able to concentrate more on a given task.

Also, since blood supply and oxygen level increases in body you are able to sit and work for longer hours. And hence, exercise not only gives you fit body and good health but also higher productivity.

A very popular blog states that “Physical exercise stimulates the development of new mitochondria within your cells, meaning that your body will be able to produce more ATP over time. That gives you more energy to exert yourself physically, but it also means more energy for your brain, boosting your mental output”.

As you know mitochondria is the power house in a cell. So, development new mitochondrias due to exercise gives you more energy to sustain longer working periods.

Exercise Improves Your Focus

With more exercises you feel improved focus upon the task at hand. Obviously, it happens due to combined effect of exertion of edorphines, increase in oxygen and blood supply.

New brain cells get developed and it also counters age related cognitive decline. The result is improved focus and so more productivity.

The Bottom Line

No matter what amount of exercise you do, whether you do regular or irregular activity, you do moderate workout or highly intensive workout, all of them help you a lot.

You have seen a number of benefits of exercises. We can say either you workout or go to doctor. Choice is yourself.