Best Elliptical Cross Trainer in India 2022 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Top 3 picks From the 10 Best Elliptical Cross Trainer in India 2022

Are you looking for the best elliptical cross trainer in India? You are at right place.

Congratulations for choosing fitness the first priority in life. An elliptical cross trainer is the best cardio equipment for the low impact workout.

Here we have done a very comprehensive research on elliptical cross trainer available in online marketplace.

We have come out with the list of 10 best elliptical cross trainer in India and it includes elliptical cross trainer for home uses too.

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Quick Comparison : 10 Best Elliptical Cross Trainer in India

Sl. No.Elliptical TrainerFlywheel WeightResistanceErgonomicsMaterial TypePrice
1Sole SE25E Steel Elliptical Cross Trainer, Adult (Black)7.66 Kg20 levelExceptionalSteelView on Amazon
2Schwinn 430 Elliptical Trainers8 kg20 levelAwesomeSteelView on Amazon
3Xterra FS 4.0e Cardio Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer8.6 kg20 levelAwesomeSteelView on Amazon
4Reach Evolve Elliptical Climber Cross Trainer + Stepper8 kg8 levelGoodView on Amazon
5Evolution fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer 12 kgVery goodAluminumView on Amazon
6Reach Invicta Elliptical Cross Trainer for Home9 kg8 levelGoodSteelView on Amazon
7BH Fitness G2340 Cross Trainer Elliptical for Home Gym Cardio12 kg8 levelVery goodSteelView on Amazon
8Xterra FS3.5 Steel Elliptical Cross Trainer, Adult (Black)5.6 kg24 levelVery goodSteelView on Amazon
9Afton FX-50 Elliptical Cross Trainer10 kg8 levelVery goodSteelView on Amazon
10Afton FX-400 Steel Cardio Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer (Black)10.5 kg20 levelExceptionalSteelView on Amazon

Types of Elliptical Cross Trainer

There are 3 types of elliptical cross trainers in online market. These are on the basis of drive system location.

Drive system may be located in front, center or rear. Thus, we have front drive, center drive and rear drive elliptical cross trainers.

We are explaining these three in detail to give you a clear understanding of how 3 types of elliptical cross trainers actually work.

Rear Drive Elliptical Cross Trainer

Rear drive system is the oldest one, yet most popular among all. In this variant, the flywheel is located at rear of the machine and so it is called rear drive.

This design was invented by Precor in 1995. In this design, you can resemble a more natural and longer stride than other drive system elliptical cross trainer.

In most of the cases rear drive elliptical cross trainers are costly and of premium quality. It has got different configurations available, such as a track-and-roller setup for the pedals, or pedals that are suspended on long pedal arms between the drive wheel and handles.

Front Drive Elliptical Cross Trainer

Front drive elliptical cross trainer is exactly converse of the rear drive elliptical cross trainer if you compare their configurations. Flywheel is located in front of the machine and pedal rollers are located in rear.

This elliptical trainer resembles the features of a stair climber as its rollers provide a slightly vertical range of motion. Such machines have very low clearance from the ground.

These front drive elliptical cross trainers are more suitable and useful for users with a more limited range of mobility. They are cheapest among 3 types and noisy too.

Center Drive Elliptical Cross Trainer

As the name suggests, in center drive elliptical cross trainers, the flywheel is located in center of the machine on either side of the foot pedals. They are the most recent iterations of the generic elliptical format.

They too offer a more vertical range of motion and slightly resemble the function of a stair climber. The difference from front drive system is that users have got tendency to remain in upright position during workout.

Since, drive system is located in center of the machine, they tend to become more compact than other versions front drive and rear drive elliptical machines.

Due to its compactness many gym owners with lower space or a home user with space constraint prefer to get it. These models give lowest strain on hip and knee.

Expert Reviews : 10 Best Elliptical Cross Trainer in India

From ocean of options we have brought out the 10 best elliptical cross trainers in India. They are in different ranges from 10000/- to 100000/- .

All the elliptical cross trainers described or you can say reviewed below are picks. Go through the expert’s review carefully.

Mach your requirement and you will get one which meets your fitness goals.

Best Elliptical Cross Trainer in India No. 1 – Sole SE25E Steel Elliptical Cross Trainer, Adult (Black)

best elliptical cross trainer in india 2022

The best elliptical cross trainer in India is non other than the Sole SE25E Steel Elliptical Cross Trainer. Coming in black color this elliptical cross trainer has a dashing look and features which give you a sense of satisfaction.

Fulfill your quest for shedding extra calories, recovery from joint pains or enduring your full body. The 10 challenging programs inbuilt in the machine will be at forefront to ease your efforts.

Additionally there are two user defined programs too. You can custom design the training program for yourself whether you are a beginner or an one who trains vigorously.

The Foot pedals have got special ergonomics considerations like 2 degree inward tilt and its oversize. Physiotherapists especially recommend these features.

The Sole SE25E elliptical cross trainer is equipped with 20 level of resistance control and 20 level of inclination control. Vary the resistance or inclination with buttons given on handlebars or quick keys given on console and enjoy the easy workout.

Monitor your current workout data like speed , distance, calories, pulses on the blue lit display. At the same time using blue tooth connect your smart device and transfer your data using Sole Fitness App.

As far as brand is concerned, Sole fitness is the world renowned brand for premium and ergonomic fitness equipment. Up to 150kg of users can use this machine without noise.


A very comfortable workout.
A very balanced machine.
Sole Fitness App support.
Almost noiseless.
Good control on workout variation.


No Wi Fi.


The elliptical cross trainer SE25E made by Sole Fitness is of premium quality product and has got lot pros to say for it. Let it be construction quality, Console controls or application support, all are appreciable. The only negative is its higher cost. If your budget permits, the product is worth buying for.

Best Elliptical Cross Trainer in India No. 2 – Schwinn 430 Elliptical Trainers

best elliptical cross trainer in india 2022

Smooth and quiet workout are special emphasis during design of this Schwinn 430 Elliptical Trainer. It delivers full body workout that is gentle on your joints.

It is the best elliptical cross trainer with 22 programs and 2 user settings. These programs are sufficient enough to make the training schedule result oriented.

There are goal tracking features which keep you motivated and challenged. You can import these workout data in your smart device too with with USB port.

The Schwinn elliptical cross trainer empowers you vary the toughness with 20 level of resistance aligned with a high speed inertia perimeter weighted flywheel.

The two dual LCD system gives you 13 different displays. These displays give you real time workout data like speed, calories lost, heart rate, distance covered etc.

As far as comfort and safety is concerned the elliptical cross trainer has extra large foot plates. Their extra size gives you sufficient base to hold your feet perfectly with fear of slippage.

Your full family can utilize, enjoy and maintain their fitness with this Schwinn 430 elliptical cross trainer. This is because the machine can sustain a maximum user weight of 130kg.


Good for full family.
Good for tracking and manage workout schedule.
Robust and stable base.
Medium range price.
One year warranty.


No Wi Fi.
No fitness app support.


The Schwinn 430 Elliptical Trainer gives you immense feature like 20 level resistance, 20 preset programs and good workout data management capability. It works smoothly and quietly with smart supports. Pricing is good too. The elliptical machine is worth and value for money.

Best Elliptical Cross Trainer in India No. 3 – Xterra FS 4.0e Cardio Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer

best elliptical cross trainer in india 2022

Now comes the elliptical cross trainer Xterra FS 4.0e which gives you peace of mind with solid steel construction. Its quality components assure you relied services whenever you do workout.

Special ergonomics designs in its components give you an exceptional feel during the workout. The 2 degree inward tilt in the foot pedals alleviates stress on knees and ankles, for instance.

Also, proper position of the dual action handlebars keep your wrists in neutral position. As a result, your wrists remain pain free during elliptical motion of your body.

The 18 inch elliptical motion coming in this Xterra FS 4.0e elliptical cross trainer allows you to exercise longer. In this way, you achieve your goals faster.

Your workout schedule can’t be successful if you do not enjoy the workout. But, don’t worry, your elliptical machine has got inbuilt music system with speakers and an audio jack.

Before putting it ON the machine, connect your phone or mp 3 device with the music system via audio jack. Keep an water bottle in the bottle holder given over there and then enjoy your workout.

There are 8 specific programs including two user defined buttons are given on the console. With these buttons you can easily start your needed workout program by pressing a single button.

The console has got two blue lit LCD displays. One display keeps you updates with workout data like distance, pulses, calories, speed etc. Other display is for managing and customization of the workout.


Sturdy construction quality.
Stable base.
Good ergonomics.
Easy to assemble.
Noiseless operation.


No Wi Fi.
No app support.


If you are looking for a great construction quality and good ergonomics then this Xteraa FS 4.0e elliptical cross trainer is the best bet. It will give you stress free workout experiences for longer duration with little maintenance.

Best Elliptical Cross Trainer in India No. 4 – Reach Evolve Elliptical Climber Cross Trainer + Stepper | Exercise Fitness Equipment for Home Gym

best elliptical cross trainer in india 2022

This is the machine where not only you can perform simple elliptical workout but climber and stepper exercises too. The Reach Evolve Elliptical Cross Trainer is a multifunction cardio equipment and it also includes the climber and stepper function.

As you step on this machine, the curved crank applies constant tension to the X and Y axes delivering a dead-zone-free rotation. Its smooth and efficient workout operation gives you a lot of values.

Give variation to the workout and experience different muscles exercises three angle settings in the pedals. Thus, you get a total body workout on an oval path with synchronized handlebars plus stepper function.

The presence of 8 kg flyweight and 8 level resistance enables you do starter to an intense workout. These are assembled in space saving design and based on patented curved crank technology.

A big LCD display is there to show you all workout data like speed, distance, calories and heart rate. These data keep you aware of your current progress and helps chasing target.

The Reach Evolve Elliptical Cross Trainer is highly compact and suitable for an user weight up to 130 kg. Still, it is easily portable with its wheels fitted on front side.

Further, the Reach company gives you very good customer care support and after sale services. With 1 year warranty, the company claims for 100% risk free satisfaction.


Affordable cost.
Multi function cardio equipment.
Compact and noiseless.
Good customer support services.
Portable machine.


No bottle holder.
Not for heavy duty.


The Reach Evolve Elliptical Cross Trainer is the best elliptical cross trainer in India for home use. It has got additional function like stepper and climber. Although the machine is not for heavy duty, still it is the best for small family and individuals.

Best Elliptical Cross Trainer in India No. 5 – Evolution fitness Elliptical Machine eliptical Cross Trainer Bike Equipment with led Display for Home Gym Exercise Workout for Health and Fitness

best elliptical cross trainer in india 2022

Now comes the elliptical cross trainer manufactured by the Evolution Fitness. Although it’s Chinese origin still it needs consideration due to its functionality.

The company has designed it as a good elliptical cross trainer for home gym purpose. With the support of maximum user weight of 180 kg the machine can withstand heavy uses by the full family.

No matter, who operates the elliptical cross trainer, its big size foot pedals always provides sufficient surface to accommodate your feet. Gives aa balanced ride on the elliptical path.

Who doesn’t love to have the real time workout data to have better control on workout progress. For this purpose, the machine is equipped with good quality LED displays.

Be very clear, the displays give you data like speed, distance, calories and heart rate. You are equipped with control buttons on your handlebars to have a good command on speed.

Made of Aluminum, this Evolution Elliptical Cross Trainer is comfortable and easy to operate. Handlebars are smooth and gives good grip while you hold them.

Noiseless and smoothness in its operation is one the attraction points in this machine. A solid support base makes it stable and a grooved track gives space for roller movement.


Comfortable and compact.
A solid support base.
Not noisy.
LED display.
Non slip foot pedals.


No any app support.


This is the best elliptical cross trainer in India for home gym. Its robust construction makes it suitable for heavy duty and so it is good for home gym purpose. The product is costly but its design and functions are of high standard.

Best Elliptical Cross Trainer in India No. 6 – Reach Invicta Elliptical Cross Trainer for Home

best elliptical cross trainer in india 2022

Next in the list of the best elliptical cross trainer in India we have Reach Invicta Elliptical Cross Trainer. With user capacity of 110kg the machine has 9 kg of flywheel weight.

This flyweight is sufficient to give you needed momentum while doing the low impact workout. Clubbed with it is the 8 level of magnetic resistance which you can regulate by a control knob.

For the lower body workout stationary handles are there in the machine. Stationary handles have heart rate sensors too.

On the other hand, primary handles are there for the full body workout. Handles have got good quality foam and they give better grip.

The Reach Invicta Elliptical cross trainer machine has got LCD displays which keep you aware of the fitness data like speed, distance, calorie and heart rate. As a fitness lover these information are of immense help in chasing your fitness target.

Even if you are an older person then also this low impact exercise machine is safer for you. Non slip foot pedals ensure your smooth elliptical drive.

The magnetic resistance of the Rach Invicta Elliptical cross trainer provides a noiseless operation even during faster workout. Older people will love this machine.

Wheel are given too with elliptical machine which makes it super portable. As a result, you can use and move it easily in on floor to make cleaning easier.


Compact design.
Quiet operation.
Lower cost.
Made in India.
Safe construction.


Not for heavy duty.


This elliptical cross trainer by Reach is wonderful for home use. Its cost is less, yet gives you full function for your small family. Bring it today.

Best Elliptical Cross Trainer in India No. 7 – BH Fitness G2340 Cross Trainer Elliptical for Home Gym Cardio

best elliptical cross trainer in india 2022

The BH brand is very famous in Europe. Made in Spain, this BH Fitness G2340 elliptical cross trainer is designed for home gym purposes.

It’s built quality just phenomenal. With 8 levels of magnetic resistance the machine gives you an ample room for the low impact workout.

Coming with an ergonomic design and easy access structure, this elliptical cross trainer has maximum user weight capacity of 110 kg. Female fitness enthusiasts specially love this cardio equipment.

No matter what feet size you have the machine has no slip foot pedals and so you get safer low impact workout. Handlebars too give perfect grips to your fingers.

Workout data like speed, distance, calories, pulses are always available with you on a blue lit LCD display. The moment you switch ON the machine LCD display too comes ON.

In India, the product is sold by Acme fitness. The company gives lifetime warranty on frame and one year warranty on spares and labor.

You will be surprised to know the fitness brand BH fitness is operating since 1909. So, it has a vast experience of building various sports and fitness equipment and in due course the company has grabbed various certifications for quality control.


A very reputed fitness brand.
Moderate cost.
Ergonomic design.
Good for home gym.
Robust structure.


Console has limited functions.
Market presence is low.


There is no doubt in it’s quality. The G2340 elliptical cross trainer is not very new in Indian market. It has not got many reviews. Still, as far as our research on brand and product is concerned, it gives positive signal to you.

Best Elliptical Cross Trainer in India No. 8 – Xterra FS3.5 Steel Elliptical Cross Trainer, Adult (Black)

best elliptical cross trainer in india 2022

The Xterra FS3.5 Steel Elliptical Cross Trainer figures in the few best elliptical cross trainers in India. Make your workout even more with attractive 17 ” stride which always encourages to put extra efforts.

This elliptical cross trainer is equipped with 5.6 kg of flyweight which gives optimum momentum for your complete family. With 20 level of resistance you always control the obstruction with a resistance control knob.

The best part of the cardio exercise equipment is its ergonomically designed foot pedals and handlebars. These two always give you a sense of comfort, safety and satisfaction whenever you use it.

You keep monitoring your real time workout data on the LCD display given in front you. The workout parameters that you see displayed are speed, distance, calorie and pulse.

Nothing stops you from chasing your workout target with this Xterra FS3.5 steel elliptical cross trainer. You can do this with the help of 24 specific programs which gives you a wide array of workouts.

The country of origin is Taiwan and in India it is marketed by Afton Fitness. It has got pan India customer support system and so even after sales services are worth considerable.

And last but not the least, the company gives you one year warranty which is the standard in elliptical cross trainer industry. As a result, being new customer you don’t worry from maintenance side and focus on fitness journey.


Moderate cost.
Good customer support.
One year warranty.
Ergonomic foot pedals and handlebars.
Smooth operation.




There are exceptional ergonomic details like 2 degree inward tilt of foot pedals and special curvy handles in this Xterra FS3.5 Steel Elliptical Cross Trainer. The product is not for heavy or commercial use but certainly one of the best elliptical cross trainer in India.

Best Elliptical Cross Trainer in India No. 9 – Afton FX-50 Elliptical Cross Trainer

best elliptical cross trainer in india 2022

This Afton FX-50 Elliptical Cross Trainer stands at entry level in the elliptical cross trainer in India for home uses. With 10 kg of flywheel weight the cardio exercise equipment gives all the momentum needed by different persons of your family.

The 14 ” stride length gives you an optimum elliptical path. Having good stride length always encourages you to put extra effort to chase the workout goal.

With resistance control knob keep regulating the resistance level of the FX-50 elliptical cross trainer. Resistance variance range is from 1 to 8 level.

A sleek console is there with the machine which includes one LCD display. You can monitor here different data like speed, distance, calorie, heart rate, temperature, RPM, calendar, time etc.

The FX-50 elliptical cross trainer has got an elegant look ergonomic design. Up to 120 kg of users can perform the low impact workout on it.

One year of standard warranty is available on this equipment. Under warranty products give you always scope of change if any manufacturing defect or anything is noticed.

You can move it anywhere on the floor as it has got wheels. So, the machine does not hamper cleaning services on the floor and gives you good portability.


Low cost.
Ergonomic design.
One year warranty.
Very portable.
Sleek and takes lesser space.


Not for heavy duty.
Pedals have small surface area.


Sleek design, portability and smooth operation are some important features in the Afton FX-50 Elliptical Cross Trainer. Its price is low and affordable. With good existing customers feedback this machine is one of the best elliptical cross trainer in India for home use.

Best Elliptical Cross Trainer in India No. 10 – Afton FX-400 Steel Cardio Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer (Black)

best elliptical cross trainer in India 2022

“Love at first sight”, this is the feeling you get when you see this Afton FX-400 Steel Cardio Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer. The elegant look and ergonomic design surpasses all other features.

Look at the 1 to 20 level of resistance and 10.5 kg of balanced flywheel weight. Your full family even if somebody is overweight will be able to feel momentum.

For serious fitness geeks it has got 15-30 degree manual incline ramp. The machine supports whatever hard workout you want to do.

Presence of 10 program settings allows you to perform different exercises as scheduled by your fitness trainer. With one button you can activate a program whether it is hill, fat burn, cardio or strength.

Ergonomics design makes this cardio equipment FX-400 elliptical cross trainer and ultra comfortable. Whether it is handle grip or foot pedals both are of exemplary quality and comfort.

Oversized anti slip foot pedals help you stay safe even during an intense workout. Added advantage is the 20″ stride due to which you recover from joint pains.

There are a lot of functions in the large console. It includes display for workout parameters like speed, distance, calorie, pulses and hot keys to access the various programs.

Hot keys on the console works as shortcut key and it allows to access any program at a single press.

Apart from above features the Afton FX-400 elliptical cross trainer has speakers and audio jack to give a musical environment for workouts.


Elegant look.
Robust construction.
Very comfortable.
Safer operation.
Solid and stable base.


Cost is high.


With great comfort, noiseless operation, stunning look and enduring performance this cardio equipment FX-400 is the best elliptical cross trainer in India in all respect. Price looks higher but if you look at the features it is worth taking for. Get it and have a great workout.

Search For Other Good Elliptical Cross Trainers in India

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Elliptical Cross Trainer in India

By now, you have seen reviews of the 10 best elliptical cross trainers in India. You have gone through a lot of terms related to elliptical trainers.

Here we explain what are the important terminologies concerned with an elliptical cross trainer. This will greatly enhance your insights and help you take a better buying decision.


Size is the first important point you need to consider before buying a great elliptical cross trainer for home use. Generally, elliptical trainers look small but occupy more spaces than they look.

While allocating space at home, please keep extra space of 2 foot in front and rear of the elliptical machine. This is useful to accommodate strides during its operation.

However, we suggest you to take an elliptical cross trainer which has wheels fitted if you don’t have a dedicated space or you need to move it frequently.


Now a days, elliptical cross trainers are coming with modern technologies and so their price varies a lot. Normally, in Indian online market their price ranges from 10000/- to 200000/- .

In such a huge price bandwidth, it’s very important to know exactly how much you can invest for the cardio elliptical machine. A chosen budget will always guide you to look in that price bracket.

Lower is the price, lesser are the features in an elliptical cross trainer. If you don’t have huge budget, don’t go for modern console and ergonomic features and consider elliptical machines having basic elliptical functions.

Stride Length

Stride length is the distance from center your you can stride with foot pedals. It determines how effective workouts you can perform on an elliptical cross trainer.

Longer stride makes your legs work harder and give better results on muscles. So, you should not neglect the importance of the stride length.

Good elliptical cross trainers have a stride length of higher than 15. But, the best elliptical cross trainer has got stride length of 20.

Resistance Level

A resistance level is the resistance offered to the momentum or drive. For example, 1-20 level of resistance will give flexibility to choose 20 different workout intensities or hardness.

Various resistance levels fine tune the resistances to the momentum generated by the flyweight. More resistance levels help you do many workouts varying from light to intense.

More are the resistances, better is the elliptical machine. They help you do the various targeted workouts.


Just like resistances, the inclination too increases the hardship of the exercises. More inclined machines make your strides difficult and so you get an intense workout.

Inclination is of two kinds automatic and manual. Both offers same result but their controls differ.

In automatic inclination you have the liberty to change the inclination as and when required during operation. But, in case of manual inclination, you have set the inclination manually uplifting an adjusting.

Drive Type

Elliptical Cross trainers are of are of different types. They are differentiated on the basis of drive system or flywheel weights etc.

On the basis of drive system elliptical cross trainers have 3 variations. They are front drive, center drive and rear drive elliptical trainers.

This is a complex topic and we have described it in detail in a different section “Types of Elliptical Cross Trainers”.

Preset Programs

Preset programs are good for scheduling your workout on preset training courses. Also good elliptical cross trainers have controlling buttons on console for these programs.

With preset programs you don’t need to remember the last workout or what to do the next workout. You just need to follow a program.

These programs may be like fat burn program, cardio exercise or muscles training. More are the preset programs, better for you.


Console have got a lot of functions in modern elliptical cross trainers. They consists not only a display for showing workout data but also has control buttons of various programs.

They have multimedia features too where you play mp3. Some of them gives you fitness tracking features too.

Console displays are mainly of LCD or LED type. On button controls you have functions available are distance, speed, heart rate, calories etc.

Flywheel Weight

The main component in an elliptical cross trainer is the flywheel. It is responsible for maintaining the momentum.

A good elliptical machine has a flywheel weight varying from 5 kg to 10 kg. Clubbed with the resistance level this flywheel weight is really responsible to make your workouts harder or lighter.

While going to buy an elliptical cross trainer you must consider this important component flywheel.

Ergonomic Design

Exercise, workouts and and its intensities are one part. These are the basic purposes you are going to fulfill an elliptical cross trainer.

Comfort and safety are other part that can not be ignored. There are chances you may slip down from the foot pedals during elliptical drive, for instance.

To address the comfort issues modern elliptical machines are coming with good ergonomics features. For example, foot pedal are are little bigger with anti slippage style.

Some companies build handlebars 2 degree inward tilt which gives good comfort to wrists. With consoles comes cup holders, bottle holders, tablet holders etc.

Frequently Asked Questions – Elliptical Cross Trainers in India

There are many questions related to various aspects of an elliptical cross trainer. Via this section we are addressing your your general questions pertaining to the elliptical cross trainer.

Is Elliptical Cross Trainer Good For Weight Loss?

The elliptical cross trainers have got high calorie burn capabilities. This is because during workout you need to get longer strides against the various resistances.

Due to higher calories burn and lower intake of calories you start loosing fat in a shorter span of time. But, remember you have to do high intensity workout.

Also, don’t forget to control the diet during weight loss regime. Any amount of exercise is useless or not effective if not supported by a controlled diet.

Is An Elliptical The Same As A Cross Trainer?

Usually, the elliptical trainer and an elliptical cross trainer refer to the same elliptical machine. Both of these equipment target lower body workout.

The only one difference is that a cross trainer targets upper body workouts too. It has got moving handlebars with push pull movement using hands. And thus, an elliptical cross trainer targets full body workout.

An elliptical trainer has got fixed handlebars and so, they give only lower body workouts. Elliptical trainers cost lesser than elliptical cross trainers.

Is An Elliptical Cross Trainer Good For Belly Fat?

Yes, you can reduce belly fat if do a well planed intense and consistent workout on an elliptical cross trainer. You have to do it in intervals of cardio and HIIT sessions.

An intense workout session like HIIT is a great weapon against the belly fat. In this session, rest and repeat process of intense workouts is repeated for longer intervals.

As a result you burn a lot of calories, tap into fat and sugar reserves to meet the high intensity requirements. This works only with a healthy diet regime.

Is Cross Trainer Better Than Walking?

Both activities have got its own importance. However, the two activities differ significantly in terms of how much force is applied on joints and how much calories they burn.

In same effort an elliptical machine is likely to generate burn more calories than walking. As per Mayo Clinic a 160 pound (nearly 72kg) person using an elliptical machine for an hour would burn 365 calories. The same person walking for an hour would burn 314 calories. (source –

During elliptical training, the person would put far less stress on joints in each stride than in walking. According to a 2014 study, during walking the weight generated on each step is 110% of bodyweight whereas, on elliptical trainer the stress is one third of the body weight.

Which is better Elliptical Cross Trainer or Treadmill?

Elliptical cross trainer and treadmill both have got its own importance. An elliptical cross trainer is meant for the low impact cardiovascular exercises whereas a treadmill gives you running simulation and endures your strength.

A person looking for recovery from joint pain, hip or leg injury should go for an elliptical cross trainer. It helps in reducing weight and at the same time you don’t get pained due to injuries.

The treadmill is good if you are preparing for a marathon practice or a sportsperson or looking to strengthen your legs. Additionally, being cardio equipment helps in weight loss and calories burned.

An elliptical cross trainer provides full body workout whereas a treadmill focuses on running speed.

Can I use the elliptical cross trainer every day?

Yes you use it on daily basis. You vary the exercise intensity programs rather than exercising a fixed speed and intensity.

For better output from workouts, relaxing of muscles are also necessary. It’s better if you take rest for one day in a weekly off.

Does elliptical cross trainer tone buttocks?

Workouts on an elliptical cross trainer targets a number of muscles and glutes are among them. Glutes are part of buttock that form thighs.

During reverse pedaling glutes muscles feel the resistance intensities and work hard to continue the pedaling against the resistances.

The result is the toned glutes muscles and good shape buttock.

Does an elliptical cross trainer tone arms?

Yes, elliptical cross trainer exercised tone the arms effectively. The do so by pulling and pushing movements of handlebars.

When you are pulling the handlebar during an elliptical motion biceps and lats muscles get tense. A consistent pull force against varying resistances tones these muscles.

While pushing the handlebar you get tense muscles in triceps and specs. Here too a repeated and consistent exercise tones these muscles.

How much money is required to buy a good elliptical machine?

Price of the elliptical machines varies according enhancement in features. Before suggesting any amount of money we have to define what is called a good elliptical machine.

Now a days when elliptical cross trainers have seen a lot of technological upgradation. So, it is better to go for some good features so that your exercise machine lasts longer do not get obsolete.

Some of the features that a good elliptical cross trainer should have are anti slip pedals, ergonomic handlebars, LCD display, Bottle holder, music system, 8 kg of flywheel weight, resistance variation and weight capacity of at least 110 kg.

An elliptical cross trainer with such features will come in nearly 30 to 50 thousand rupees.

Is 30 minutes on a cross trainer is enough?

With moderate intensity workouts you have to work work for 30 minutes on regular basis to obtain a better result.

If you do higher intensity oriented workout, even 15 minutes of exercise is enough if it is done daily.

You will get a sound result after one or two month of regular workouts.

Tips on How to Use the Elliptical Cross Trainer

No matter what technology and features your elliptical machine has got. Here we give you step by step guide for using of an elliptical cross trainer.

1. Have a little warm up by walking or running on the spot in the beginning and stretching exercises.
2. Read the instructions given on the machine console carefully before operating any thing.
3. If any doubt it’s better ask an expert and get clear your doubt first.
4. Switch ON the elliptical cross trainer by pressing power button.
5. Ride on the elliptical machine carefully. First, hold the handlebars and then position your feet in center of the pedal.
6. Select a preset program and start riding like bicycle.
7. Your handlebars will go forward and backward to give upper body workout foot pedals will give an elliptical motion.
8. Initially perform driving with slow speed and lower resistance for first 5 minutes.
9. Then you increase the intensity of the workout by increasing resistance and applying more pull and push force on handlebars.
10. A well scheduled varied intensity workout gives you better result.
11. In last slow down first and then make it dead stop before disengaging the elliptical machine.

Tips on How to Maintain an Elliptical Cross Trainer

Taking care of your elliptical machine properly like inspection, cleaning and maintenance improves the service life of the equipment. Therefore it is important to know how to maintain your cardio workout machine to sustain for longer duration.

Here we are giving some tips which will help you keep it in well maintained condition and safeguard the machine from wear. You can use the elliptical machine for prolong period and so you get most of values from the money you invested.

1. Do not use some home oil as it may damage your equipment and make it unsafe. Use proper lubricating oil which specifically approved for your model.
2. Do not use any harsh chemical like alcohol or ammonia for cleaning. Use the cleaner suggested by the manual.
3. Always use lint free cloths to wipe out the dust, dirt, grease and sweat etc. You should do it on daily basis.
4. A more thorough cleaning includes cleaning of rollers and and stride rails. This you can do fortnightly or as suggested by the maintenance manual.
5. For vacuum cleaning internal portion after opening of plastic covers and lubrication of rails and pedals axes to be done as guided by the manual.

The Bottom Line

As you see, the elliptical cross trainers have got vast variations in features and cost. But, we have done the hard work for you and brought out the 10 best elliptical cross trainers in India.

Our main focus is to select one product in one price range so that you don’t have confusion. So, you can take any one whichever suits your fitness requirement.

Good luck and have a great fit body. Stay Fit Live Better.