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Top Three Picks In 10 Best Massage Chairs In India In 2020

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You might have planned any budget, but, don’t worry, go through this article. As a result, you will be able to choose the best massage chair for home use in your own budget.

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Massage Chair – A Necessity Or A Luxary

A massage chair is a mechanical chair with added engineering technologies to automatically facilitate massages like kneading, shiatsu, tapping, vibrations, etc. These chairs come with rollers, airbags, vibrators, heaters etc which together give you a wonderful massage.

Owning the best massage chair at home is similar to having an spa at home. The massage chair gives you an ultimate comfort at your time and place.

Getting relaxation and comfort itself are luxury and so, any machine made to give you these benefits is certainly a luxury. It’s price also which is more than 1 lac in general makes it only affordable by elites.

A massage chair gives you many benefits like improving blood circulation, de-stressing, correcting body postures. Still, it is not advisable to buy a massage chair if you not comfortable with investing 1 lac to 3 lac rupees.

Features Of A Good Massage Chair In India

Till now, you are aware that a massage chair is really a luxury item, the money can buy for you. For this, you need to spend an amount of nearly 1.5 lac.

Therefore, before you buy, it is very important to know all the good features that make a massage chair “the best massage chair in India”. Here, we are listing the features which you should not ignore.

Zero Gravity

Zero gravity makes you float in air weightlessly. It gives you an astronaut like experience. The massage chair equipped with this feature elevates your heart lower than legs and feet.

As a result, your body becomes parallel to ground and body exerts its maximum pressure against the chair. In doing so, rollers and air bags work effectively to give an ultimate massage chair experience.

Heating System

Now a days, all good massage chairs in India are coming with this add on feature. These chairs have inbuilt heaters which can function optionally during a massaging operation.

The Heating system helps you improve your blood circulation and metabolism. Heat treatment is a therapeutic approach which gives you relief from back and body pain too.

If you don’t have pain problem and you looking for the massage chair only for stress relief and body relaxation you can leave feature too. In this way, you can save some money.

Roller Track

There are two kinds of roller tracks employed in most of the massage chairs. These are S-Track and L-Track. They are designed to run from your neck to your thigh and give you a seamless and constant massage experience.

Earlier massage chairs were using S-Track technology to station the rollers. The idea behind this concept is to spread the track along the full spinal curve from the neck to lower back and optimize the roller movements.

L-Track is more advanced concept and it extends the roller track from the neck to the lower back and further till the hamstring. So, you can say L-Track is not different from S-track and it’s an extension of the S-Track and goes beneath the seat too.

Roller Movements

To assimilate the rollers movements, latest good massage chairs have got 3D and 4D technologies. Both technologies try to move the rollers and adjust them according to pressure points of your body.

In 3D technique, rollers are programmed to control their movement up & down, forward & backward and left & right. This way rollers easily adjust themselves and align against pressure points.

4D technology includes 3D system but it controls speed of rollers too along with their movement directions. If you have no budget constraint you can look for this feature in your massage chair. It gives you really automatic human like massage experiences.

Recline Feature

Recline feature is somewhat you must look for. You can’t relax your body comfortably without availability of this feature.

In a massage chair equipped with recline function you lean back comfortably and relieve your stress optimally. Rollers and heaters too give their best in this posture.

Massage Types

A good massage chair should include all the latest types of massages. These are Shiatsu, Kneading, Tapping, Vibrations, Knocking, and Rubbing.

We shall explain all these massage types later in this blog’s buyer’s guide section. There you can have a rich knowledge about all these types of massages.

Other features

Apart from the features explained above your best massage chair should have capability to give you stretching, foot and calves massage and also pointed or zonal massage in a musical environment.

Latest good massage chairs are also coming with remote control, preset program and inbuilt memory. These electronic features are very helpful to give you customized and automatic massages with lower user disturbances.

Expert’s Reviews : Top 10 Best Massage Chairs India

Now, that, you are already aware of the latest good features a good massage chair must have, It becomes easier and convenient for you to choose the best massage chair in India.

In this section, we are giving you a detailed expert review of the top 10 massage chairs in India. With pros and cons, we are also giving a summary conclusion which will help you read more in less time.

Best Massage Chair In India No. 1 – JSB MZ22 Massage Chair Zero Gravity for Home Pain Relief Customizable with Heating Music Bluetooth

best massage chairs in india

The JSBMZ22 massage chair has got many features that make it one of the best massage chairs in India and your favorite choice. The Zero Gravity chair is designed to give you relaxation from full-body aches.

All of the best massaging techniques available globally are uniquely embedded in it. These include kneading, tapping, shiatsu, knocking, rubbing and vibration.

The long-reaching rollers use 3D technology with L track massage to provide effective massaging of your back and hip and neck. This works extremely well along with heat treatment and gives faster relief from back pain.

The chair has got airbags massage for shoulder, hands, calves and feet. It also offers 3D rubbing and kneading massage on calf.

You can improve blood circulation in the body through its scrapping massage system employed for your foot soles. Get your body relieved from tired muscles using a stretching massage.


A well-known brand of massage chairs.
After-sales services are very good.
One year warranty.
Full body massage available.
Highly satisfied customers.


The price is a little high.
An annual maintenance charge is applied.

Conclusion – A high rated product with good customer feedback, the chair gives you full-body relaxation, blood circulation, and relief from pain. Price is a little higher but considering its features this issue can be ignored. If you are fond of relaxation with no bar on a budget, definitely you can go for it.

Best Massage Chair In India No. 2 – Future Massager Massage Chair 4D Heating & Rocking Massage Chair

It’s an amazing Zero-gravity 4D heating massage chair made by Future Massager. You can control it using voice command and get a perfect massage with the help of 76 airbags.

The use of an android or ios platform for its operation gives an awesome user experience. There are 6 massage rollers for neck, back, hip, shoulders, and legs capable of providing massages like kneading, tapping, rubbing, etc.

The chair has got its world-class 4D technology patented. This intelligent 4D heater rollers along with convenient one-button hand control give you ultimate massaging experiences.

With its body detecting function, it can detect shoulder, neck, body, waist, and buttock and provide a more accurate deeper massage and fixed point massage for the users in different height.

You can download the personal massage program from the official website of the future massager. Thereafter you can customize it and get the maximum benefit from the massage chair.


Heavy duty and can be used for commercial purposes too.
Very comfortable L track design.
Voice-controlled technologies.
2 years warranty.
Fit for all height variants.


The cost is high.
AMC is applicable.

Conclusion – The massage chair uses all the latest technologies like app and voice control. The rollers and airbags are the highest standards. The chair uses 4D heating massaging technologies. This well built and extremely good quality makes it a premium quality product. The product targets the high-end customer segment.

Best Massage Chair In India No. 3 – JSB MZ21 4D Massage Chair Zero Gravity for Home Stress Relief With Soft Rollers Music Bluetooth (L Track)

JSBMZ21 is a premium massage chair with 4D technology and L track massage. It stands out from others due to its zero graivty, 4D massage alongwith rubbing massage on calves.

There are 79 airbags to massage your shoulder, hands, calves and feet. Long reaching rollers give you ultimate massage of neck, back and hip.

Two types of controls give you much needed flexibility when you relax yourself. You can control it wireless or without wire.

Two speakers coming with the chair and Bluetooth connectivity make your relaxing moment very enjoyable. You can experience various types of massaging techniques like kneading, shiatsu, rubbing, tapping, vibrations etc.

The chair helps you improve blood circulation through scrapping massage in foot sole and calves. For waist flexibility it has got special X-twist waist massage.


Promotes blood circulation.
Full body relaxation.
Relief from pain.
Good after sales services.
Robust design.


AMC is applicable.
Price is high.

Conclusion – The massage chair comes from JSB which is a very reputed and popular brand in fitness equipment industries. JSB MZ21 gives you all the massages you need to make your body fully relaxed. This product is in the premium category and suitable for high-end users who are tension free from the budget side.

Best Massage Chair In India No. 4 – ARG AROGYA R870 3D Luxury Massage Chair Zero Gravity, Head Massage, Airbags,Infrared Heat for Home & Office Full Body

ARG AROGYA R870 3D Luxury Massage Chair is a 3D massage chair with Zero Gravity and Infrared Intelligent Heating system. It comes with 48 airbags in all and 6 automatic massage programs.

This chair also features mechanical massage hands, whole body shape scanning, blue tooth music speaker, calf rest extension, massage balls and dual action foot roller.

You can get relief from muscle stiffness and pain after long working hour with its especially designed 20 minutes automatic massage program.

The intelligent 3D massage system combines professional massage techniques to the massage chair to achieve multi dimensional massage. As a result, it gives you focused massage at fatigue points and provides healthy service for your whole body.

The real attraction is a comfortable neck and shoulder massage which expels aches on the cervical vertebra easily. This way, you get a completely real pressure massage designs from neck to sole, arms to your fingertips.


The price is good.
Intelligent mechanical hands.
SL shape design.
Full body massager.
Zero gravity and space saver.


Budget segment product.
No voice command.

Conclusion – Getting full body massage at this price is really good. It gives you complete relaxation after a prolonged period of work. With zero gravity, airbags, mechanical hands, and rollers this chair give you everything to have an enjoyable massaging experience. It’s worth buying and value for money.

Best Massage Chair In India No. 5 – BODYFRIEND 4D Massage Chair | Multiple Airbags | Luxurious Look With Bluetooth & Zero Gravity

Next comes the Bodyfriend 4D Massage Chair. Equipped with blue tooth and zero gravity this massage chair has got a space saving design and a luxurious look.

4D technology automatically scans your body and adjusts rollers to suit different height persons. Further, there are multiple air bags in all part of the chair for head massage, back massage and foot massage.

You can enjoy your massage and relaxing moments using Bluetooth Music Play and Intensity Control. Quality gets ascertained with real super SL track of 1450 mm.

This massage chair can move the rollers along the track either up and down, or left and right as well as moving in and out of the massage chair (three dimensions), which can provide a deeper massage than other massage chairs.

There are three options for manual massage of the upper body. These are fixed, partial and overall massage with five levels of speed adjustment.


The price is low.
Good for all height persons.
Space-saving design.
Comfortable and easy to operate.
One year on-site warranty.


No voice command.
Not for commercial purposes.

Conclusion – The availability of 4D technology massage chair at this price is just amazing. The chair gives full body massage and relaxation. It also comes at a low price. If you are looking for a product with many features at a low price, It may be worth trying for you.

Best Massage Chair In India No. 6 – JSB MZ16 Full Body Massage Chair for Home and Office (Luxury 3D Space Saving Design)

Designed for space saving and multi massage purpose this massage chair JSB MZ16 is one of the best massage chair in India in 3D category. It’s suitable for both office and home use as well.

The chair is good for many massage techniques like kneading, tapping, shiatsu, knocking, squeezing and thumping. The soothing heat along with roller massage gives you adequate relief from problems like back pain.

One button handy control makes it very user friendly. You can customize it as per your convenience according to your height and width.

There are five automatic modes ache relief, comfort, demo relax, upper body, and lower body. In any mode, you can target any specific zone on your back and get targeted benefit.

Some important features include zero gravity massage for full body relaxation and de stress, expert stretching massage for back and leg are excellent for reliving early morning body stiffness.

With the inbuilt memory you can save your massage mode with your custom settings. This will be very helpful when you use it later. You need not feed the details again and again.


1-year on-site door step warranty.
Dedicated product specialist assistance.
Full body relaxation.
Zero gravity.
Foot rollers are more effective.
Relief from body pain.


AMC is applicable.
No 4D Features.

Conclusion – Very cute and space design makes it very suitable for home and office use. Roller are effective and airbags are able to give you customized massage in various automatic modes as per your needs. It’s one of the user-friendly massage chairs at this price. Just make your mind and bring this chair at your home to have early relaxation.

Best Massage Chair In India No. 7 – Q-Fitness Massage Chair Leather Fabric, Full Body Massage, Foot massage relief

Q8 massage chair is the latest technology massage chair at this low budget. Some of the best features in this chair are Heated Massage Relief, Vibration, Foot Kneading Massage, Air Sac 101.

This is capable to give you full body massage relief. Seat size very comfortable for a normal person and can fit to a healthy person too with little adjustment.

Build quality is good as it uses high quality leather rather than rexin like others in the same segment. As a result you become tension free from the issue of durability.

User experience is better with LCD/TFT multi color display remote control with one touch functions. One touch functions are helpful in easy control of Upper, Lower, Heating, Air pressure, Strength, Arms, Buttocks and Calves.

Company offers free installation in metro cities and north India. For distant locations it provides easy installation manual and video support.


Full body relax massage.
Low price.
Build quality is good.
Good customer service.
Space-saving intelligent design.


Not for heavy-duty.
Keep away from liquid.

Conclusion – The cost is very low. So, it is affordable for anyone who is ready to pay the price for comfort. Good body massage and relaxation from body stiffness or aches are really attraction of massage chair. The use of leather prolongs its life. So, a one-time investment helps you keep yourself fresh and energetic for always.

Best Massage Chair In India No. 8 – Robotouch Maxima Luxury Ultimate Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair (Black)

This luxury ultimate full body zero gravity massage chair is developed by Robotouch. It’s designed with a set of vertically movable, four wheel driven muted intelligent massage hands.

It is good at shiatsu kneading with emulation massage methods. Other supported massaging techniques are flapping, knocking with the shoulder automatic detection and location.

To give you good user experience the chair is capable of six automatic massaging set stored in memory. You can use it for upper body and lower body to improve body aches and better comfort.

The massage chair has got three options of manual massage for the upper body. These are fixed, partial and overall massage.

There are five levels of speed adjustable in the state of flapping, shiatsu and knocking. The company gives free installation and demo with one year one site warranty.


Beautiful and elegant design.
Automatic massage system.
Fit for all height users.
One year on-site warranty.
Doorstep technical assistance.


Premium range product.
No voice control.

Conclusion – This is a mid-range product. It includes the latest massaging features at a middle level price. If you have got a decent budget for the massage chair you can go for it as it’s lovely design is really very attractive.

Best Massage Chair In India No. 9 – Fitness_Hub A382 | Robotic Zero Gravity | Full Body Massage Chair with | Automatic Massage-Programs | Massage Chair | Recliner with yoga & heating therapy (Black)

The zero gravity robotic massage chair A382 is built by Fitness_Hub. This massage chair is good for its automatic massage programs.

You can customize the massage program according to physical standards like height, width and targeted massage points. Next, you can save it and use whenever you come for massage.

This way the chair helps you get complete body massage with minimum user struggles. All you need is to come and sit, activate your massage program and enjoy the program now.

Rollers are equipped with heaters and designed to reach all area of your body let it be shoulder, back, hip. Many yoga therapy also can be practiced using this massage chair.

The chair has got beautiful outlook and robust design which stands it out from many chairs in this range. You can keep it at smaller place and your whole family can enjoy its services.


Beautiful outlook.
Robust design.
Robotic features.
Full body massage.
Heating rollers.



Conclusion – The massage chair gives an awesome feeling with its automatic robotic features. It gives all kinds of massaging like kneading, shiatsu, scrapping, tapping, etc with a minimum level of user worries. Easy to store and handle this chair is a good choice for people who seek an ultimate comfort with no worry for the budget.

Best Massage Chair In India No. 10 – KosmoCare Zero Gravity Chair with 6 Massage Rollers and Heating System (Black)

Mark my word, if you have a low budget for a massage chair but looking for all basic massaging features than this massage chair built by KosmoCare may be ideal for you. With 6 rollers and 24 air bags this massage chair gives human like massage experience.

It gives five massaging techniques kneading, tapping, kneading tapping combo, shiatsu and rolling. Designed with zero gravity the chair gives you complete relaxation and maintains bodily functions at an optimum level.

You get full body in depth massage with horizontal movement of six rollers and feel uninterrupted continuous massage experience with Shoulder and Armrest.

There are 34 air bag massagers for shoulder, arm, hand, thigh, calves and feet. Further, clubbed with heat therapy and dual fit rollers helps you improve blood circulation in full body.

You can control it manually as it comes with 3 massage speed settings, 2 massage zones and 3 air bags intensity controls.


The price is low.
Human like massage.
Zero gravity.
Heat therapy.
Full body massage.


No 4D technology.

Conclusion – CosmoCare Zero Gravity chair with 6 massage rollers and heating system is an ideal choice if you have got a lower budget. The chair gives you full body massage along with heat treatment and foot massage. The feeling of a spa at home is a luxury for which you are ready to pay a good price. Isn’t it nicer to have a beautiful spa at home and that too at a lower cost?

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Massage Chair In India

Is it good to get extended warranty on a good massage chair?

A massage chair is a costly and luxurious item. It needs a lot of money to be invested. So, it is important to get not defected item. Also, you need to consider the annual maintenance charge while purchasing.

Opting for an extended warranty on a costly item is always a better choice. It keeps you free from any probable manufacturing defect or wear and tear due to prolong use.

How much power does a good massage chair uses?

Latest massage chairs consume very low power. Operating power for most of the massage chairs is 200 watt. They work on domestic single phase 220V 50HC AC power system.

Power requirement is similar to a TV or a Computer. But it’s not as high as a fridge or washing machine uses.

Where will I put my Massage chair?

Usually, massage chairs occupy a large space. If you have enough space in your house you can make a studio where you can locate the massage chair and have all the fun and relaxation.

However, now a days compact massage chairs are coming for users who have lesser space. You can accommodate a compact massage chair in a corner of your drawing room.

How much does a massage chair cost?

Massage chairs can range anywhere from Rs. 1 lac up to Rs. 3 lac depending on their features. If you are buying a massage chair for a spa, you need to have all the latest features.

For home purposes, you will have to spend a lower budget. You need only features that you need and you don’t look for all the features to satisfy your clients.

Are massage chairs good to buy online?

Yes, buying your massage chair online is a better decision. Here, you have liberty to choose from a wide variety of stores.

Many brands do provide on emi payment also. They take care of delivery and offer return facilities too if you are not satisfied with the product.

What about the massage chair’s warranty?

When buying a massage chair, do not purchase any product with no warranty. Also, ensure you find out how long the warranty will last and whether it includes both labor and cover parts.

Do massage chairs are user friendly?

Ergonomics and user friendliness are key concerns while designing a massage chair. If these two points are not addressed properly the chair is not going to give you desired comfort.

Most high-quality massage chairs have a user-friendly interface that can be easily operated by anyone. Some even have remote controls for easy operation and use of its features.

Is the massage chair a durable product?

All the massage chairs reviewed above are designed to be very strong and durable. Cover of the seat is built of high quality material capable of bearing the wear and tear.

Rollers and air bags too are of high standard and very durable. Once you invest your hard earned money on it, you will enjoy a stress free life for longer period may be 3 to 5 years with paying just annual maintenance charges.

Important Tips On How To Use Massage Chairs

1. First, you need to do is activate the massage chair. Your massage chair may be either remote-controlled or may have a console. In either case, you need to press the power button and some functions or menu appear on the console.

2. Your massage chair will have printed abbreviations on your remote or console. If you understand it properly, it’s ok or you can refer manual. The better you understand it, the easier it becomes to operate your massage chair.

3. There may be pre-program sets if you have got an advanced massage chair. You need to activate your massage chair as per a program set. It will automatically give you the best massage. You can also set other options like duration and types of massage.

4. After switch on the stat button, your massage chair will recline and bring you nearly parallel to the ground. You feel weightlessness and this is called zero gravity position. You feel completely relaxed get the best massage in this position.

5. If your massage chair has sensors, it will start scanning your body and will look for the vital body parts such as the shoulder, head, buttocks, and upper & lower waist. Some can even detect your legs and your feet.

6. Maintain a body position such that you are properly aligned along the surface of the seat. Again, press your back firmly so that the rollers won’t miss or skip any body part. There are some consoles that display on the screen some confirmation messages relating to the body parts tackled.

7. There will be a quiet whirring sound that notifies you after the scan is complete. After which, the massage will start. All you have to do then is to relax.

8. If done and satisfied, press the power button again and exit the chair.

The Bottom Line

A massage chair is one of the luxury item that money can buy. It’s true that it is costly but it gives you immense benefits. It makes you stress free, gives you relaxation after prolong work, corrects your postures etc.

If budget is not a constraint for you, going for a massage chair for home use is a wise decision. Keeping yourself fit and energetic increases your productivity immensely. Your heart will always thank you.

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