Best Multivitamin Tablet In India 2024 Apr – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the best multivitamin tablet in India? We have done a comprehensive review of all good multivitamins online and come up with a list of 10 best multivitamin tablets available in Indian online market.

Firstly, we shall explain you what is multivitamin and why do you need it? Secondly, you will give expert reviews of top 10 best multivitamins in India one by one. And lastly, we present you frequently asked questions and other necessary know hows related to selection of a good multivitamin.

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Top 3 Picks from 10 Best Multivitamin Tablet In India 2024 Apr

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What is multivitamin?

A multivitamin tablet is a combination of various vitamins and minerals normally found in diets. The Codex Alimentarius Commission on Food Standards under United Nations terms multivitamin as a dietary supplement and keeps in under category “food”.

As per Wikipedia there is no standardized scientific definition for multivitamin. In the United States, a multivitamin/mineral supplement is defined as a supplement containing three or more vitamins and minerals that does not include herbs, hormones or drugs where each vitamin and mineral is included at a dose below the tolerable upper intake level as determined by the Food and Drug Board, and does not present a risk of adverse health effects.

Do You Really Need A Multivitamin Tablet For Good Health?

This is the question which always pops up in mind whenever you are advised by a health professional to take multivitamin. It must be addressed before anything else.

Many people debate, if you are taking a balanced natural diet you are already consuming sufficient micro nutrients like vitamins and minerals. As a result, you don’t need any external supplement.

Well, they are true. A good nutritious diet gives you all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Also, supplements can’t take place of natural and healthy diets.

But, in densely populated cities it has become extremely difficult to get fresh and pure vegetables and fruits. Nutrients get lost during transportation of vegetables and fruits from field to kitchen.

A good amount of chemicals and pesticides are used to grow the vegetables and fruits. These harmful substances diminish the effects of vitamins and minerals present.

It’s also not possible for everybody to to get home cooked organic food daily due to various professional commitments. In this scenario, a good multivitamin plays fill in role and fulfills the nutrition gap created due to many reasons.

Hence, If you are not among the guys who are using luxury of getting home cooked organic food daily it’s good to supplement your diet with a good multivitamin.

Select A Good Multivitamin

Indian market is full of companies with multivitamin as a product. So, it’s good you have a lot of choices to choose. Also, a competitive market ensures fairness in pricing and enrichment of quality.

But, the more options you get, more difficult it becomes to choose a good one. Also don’t get trapped from celebrities endorsement. Celebrities do promote a product because they are paid heavily for that.

We have done the hard work here. We have handpicked the 10 best multivitamin tablets in India from hundreds of products available in online marketplace.

Our basis of selection are users review, users experiences, brand values, nutritionists recommendations, concentrations of ingredients and side effects if any.

Expert’s Reviews – 10 Best Multivitamin Tablets in India 2024

Best Multivitamin Tablet In India No. 1 – Muscletech Essential Series Platinum Multi Vitamin (18 Vitamins & Minerals, 865mg Amino Support) – 90 Tabs

best multivitamin tablet in india 2024

Platinum multivitamin built by Muscletech is a daily multivitamin formulated to support the nutritional need for your healthy and active lifestyle. It provides all the micronutrients together to support your overall health and may be athletic performances.

This multivitamin includes vitamins A, C, D, E, and B, plus digestive enzymes and key amino acids. It’s a complete formula of vitamins in real sense for the hardworking fitness geeks and hardworking professionals.

The Muscletech has designed it for everyone from active men, women and fitness enthusiasts to high-performance athletes, powerlifters, crossfitters, bodybuilders, endurance athletes, and anyone looking to support general good health for peak performance.

You get satisfaction with 18 vitamins and minerals, including 100% or more of your daily requirements for vitamins A, C, D, E, B6 and B12 supplied by this multivitamin. Further, it also helps to replenish those nutrients lost during workouts and the muscle-building process.

As a result, the multivitamin ensures a solid nutritional foundation to support muscle recovery and protein synthesis after an intense workout. To boost your confidence the product package discloses all ingredients and dosages, so you know exactly what you’re putting into your body.

Your concern for quality is addressed here too. To ensure a high standard of quality and purity, each bottle of Platinum Multivitamin undergoes a strict quality control. This is done by a third-party tests and verification to ensure that each bottle meets the highest standards of purity, quality and consistency.


Good price.
Great quality.
A vegetarian product.
Product of a very popular brand.
Good for all who has deficient of vitamins.


Summary – The Muscltech leaves no stone unturned to ensure a high degree of quality and purity. So, you can trust from the quality side if you get the original product. The Platinum Multivitamin fulfills all requirements of micronutrients of the high workout doing persons. Its price is very competitive if consider it from other higher quality brands like Nutrilite.

Best Multivitamin Tablet In India No. 2 – NUTRILITE Multivitamin And Multimineral Tablets – 120 Tabs

best multivitamin tablet in india 2024

Now, next in the list of best multivitamin tablets in India we have Nutrilite Daily multivitamin and multimineral tablets. It has got its own merits like organic farming, seed to supply control by nutrilite and many more.

You may be aware, Nutrilite is a subsidiary of direct marketing firm Amway. The company claims to manufacture its supplements from organic raw materials.

It has got its own field to grow plants like spinach, aloe vera, alfa alfa, watercess, parsley and acerola etc. State of the art equipment is used to do in-house processing and packaging.

Being a vegetarian product it provides 13 vitamins and 11 minerals you need as recommended daily allowance. This way, the multivitamin fills in your nutritional gap created in daily diets.

Leading health journal recommend that all adults take a multivitamin daily. Apart from being a gluten free supplement it gives good amount of phytonutrients beyond vitamins and minerals.


Extracted from organically grown plants.
Gives phytonutrients in addition to vitamins and minerals.
A vegetarian product.
Gluten-free ingredients.
Nutrilite is known for its quality.


Summary – The Nutrilite Daily is a leading multivitamin and multimineral in the market. The product is famous as it’s marketed by top direct selling firm Amway. The company has got its own organic farms and labs to plough, process and package the products. Many dieticians and nutritionists do recommend an adult to take one Nutrilite Daily tablet on a daily basis.

Best Multivitamin Tablet In India No. 3 – GNC Mega Men One Daily Multivitamin – One Per Day – 60 Caplets

best multivitamin tablet in india 2024

GNC Mega Men One Daily Multivitamin is the multivitamin especially designed for men. It fills the nutritional gap created due to an intense workout, stress or due to consumption of high processed foods.

To improve the overall health of men the GNC Mega Men Daily Multivitamin includes 37 nutrients which enhance men’s immune, brain and eye’s health. It also also features amino acids to help fuel skeletal muscles.

This multivitamin contains electrolytes to replace those lost after a workout or even after day to day routine and fatigue post travelling. Thus it helps protein in building up muscles and protects you from diseases too.

It also contains vitamin B which is essential for a healthy metabolism. As a result, the Multivitamins play a special role in supporting your daily needs of vitamins and minerals.

GNC Mega Men One Daily Multivitamin can be consumed by all adult men who are looking to supplement their daily diets with essential vitamins & minerals. The product recommends it to take one tablet daily with breakfast or lunch.


Good quality product.
Contains 37 nutrients.
Good for a healthy metabolism.
Contains amino acid too.
Beneficial for men’s overall health.


Not for women.
Summary – This multivitamin is rich in contents and ingredients. It is for men only and beneficial for complete health. It also improves the metabolism of the body. You take a lot of benefits form this multivitamin. Hence it recommended for men who are looking to supplement their daily diets.

Best Multivitamin Tablet In India No. 4 – Herbalife Formula 2 Multivitamin Mineral and Herbal -90 Tablets

best multivitamin tablet in india 2024

The Herbalife Formula 2 Multivitamin is a unique blend of 23 vitamins, minerals and herbs. Thus, it provides essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to the body everyday good heath and vitality.Supports your immune system

To keep your weight under control this product is good. It supports healthy weight management by complimenting the nutrition available in Formula 1 and also supports the immune system.

Taking some vitamins mainly fat soluble one more than requirement may be toxic and affects body health negatively. So, it’s better to nutrients in combination and as team. Excess of some nutrients may be fatal.

For better result, you are advised to take it along with meals.


A vegetarian product.
23 vitamins and minerals.
Supports the immune system.
Keeps you energetic.
Good price.


Summary – A vegetarian multivitamin that contains 23 essential vitamins and minerals is good in quality and supplements your diet. It fills the nutritional gap that is created due to your fast-food lifestyle. You should consult your doctor before taking the product.

Best Multivitamin Tablet In India No. 5 – TrueBasics Multivit Men One Daily, Multivitamins, Multiminerals, Omega-3, Nutrition Supplement for Energy, Immunity & Stamina (90 Tablets)

best multivitamin tablet in india 2024

TrueBasics Multivit Men One Daily is the multivitamin tablet that contains 23 vitamins and minerals as recommended by 100% RDA. Specific blends of clinically researched ingredients like Saberry Lutemax help you improve your energy, immunity, and stamina.

With this product you may experience improved brain function, memory and focus. It’s because of ingredients like Omega-3, Ginkgo biloba, Choline and Celastrus paniculatus.

This multivitamin has got stress buster blends too. Ingredients like L-Tryptophan, Ginseng, Valerian Root Extract help you relieve stress and improve your quality of sleep.

Improved quality of sleep itself gives you immense benefits and helps you remain fit and healthy. Also, your performance in professional life improves drastically.

As far as immunity is concerned it is important that it is addressed too by a multivitamin. Presence of antioxidants as ingredients tackle this problem and helps you remain immune from many environmental influenzas.

In total, you will get improved energy due to its energy blended ingredients. Tribulus, Ashwagandha, Safed Musli, Mucuna Seed extracts in TrueBasics MultiVit Men help enhance energy in men.


Scientifically proven ingredients.
Affordable price.
Rich in Omega – 3.
The right amount of nutrients.
Gives all three energy, immunity, and stamina.


Not for women and kids.
Summary TrueBasics Multivit is the multivitamin only for men. Priced in affordable category this multivitamin has blended ingredients to give you energy, immunity and stamina. The product helps you maintain recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals in your body. As a result, you get an improved health.

Best Multivitamin Tablet In India No. 6 – MuscleXP Daily Vital Multivitamin With 25 Vitamins & Minerals, 5 Super Antioxidants & Ginseng, 60 Tablets

best multivitamin tablet in india 2024

You will love this MuscleXP daily multivitamin as it delivers a total of 25 Vitamins, Minerals, 5 Super Antioxidants, 3 Amino Acids, Brain Health blend in one convenient daily dose. Additionally, it features Amino acids, Grape seed extract, Alpha lipoic acid, Ginseng extract, Lutein and Lycopene.

The MuscleXP manufactures its products in a world-class international standard facility certified by many international certifications. Packed with Antioxidants, Minerals, Vitamins in sufficient doses as per RDA limits this multivitamin addresses the nutritional challenges of men.

For adults, take one tablet with lukewarm water, one time a day, or as suggested by a healthcare professional. A multivitamin gives its maximum benefit when you take it along with meals.

A Daily Multivitamin improves efficiency in your body for all of Its various functions, including metabolism, muscle building, and athletic performance.

MuscleXP sets the standard in the nutritional supplement industry by demanding truth in labeling, ingredient safety and product potency, all while remaining on the cutting-edge of nutritional science.


Very affordable cost.
Vitamins as per RDA limits.
A popular brand.
Contains antioxidants.
Works well during stress.


Not for women.
Not for kids.
Summary – The MuscleXP daily multivitamin is good for men. It fills the nutritional gap as per RDA limits. The product is very low priced and so it is very affordable. This multivitamin also contains ginseng too which is beneficial for stress relief. This is one of the best multivitamins in India giving value for money.

Best Multivitamin Tablet In India No. 7 – Swisse Ultivite Men’s Multivitamin Supplement for Relieving Fatigue & Tiredness and assisting Energy, Stamina & Vitality production – 60 Tablets

best multivitamin tablet in india 2024

Swisse Ultivite is rich in nutrients and minerals good for brain, skin, hair, energy and overall health. It contains 36 essential nutrients that include minerals, anti oxidants, herbs and many vitamins like B6, B12, C and E.

There are ingredients like zinc and selenium which helps you improve your immunity. An improved immunity helps you fight the day to day cough and cold problems too.

To keep your body glowing and young, it is important you protect your muscular cells from damages caused by free radicals attacks. The vitamin C, vitamin E and citrus bioflavonoids work their way to give you such benefits.

Improving energy and overall health means you give your optimal performance during stress. Equipped with adaptogens the Swisse Ultivitamin becomes a good alternative for stressful people.

This multivitamin is mainly designed to meet the men’s health requirement over 18 years of age. It’s a non vegetarian product and you should consult a heath care professional before consuming it.


Improves immunity.
Saves from free radicals.
Good for overall energy and health.
The price is fair.
Helps you perform better during stress.


Only for men above 12 years age.
It contains selenium which is toxic in high doses.
Summary – The Swisse Ultivite multivitamin has got a lot of ingredients and so it has got a lot of potentials. It gives you immense benefits at a competitive price. The above features make it one of the best multivitamins in India for men. The product is non-vegetarian and contains caffeine. Consult a dietician before taking it.

Best Multivitamin Tablet In India No. 8 – MuscleBlaze MB- Vite Multivitamin with Immunity Boosters-100% RDA Vitamin C, D, Zinc, 60 tablets

best multivitamin tablet in india 2024

The MuscleBlaze MB-Vite multivitamin is an unique blend of 25 vital vitamins and minerals. These are capable of giving you multiple benefits like boosting immunity, increasing energy level, improving metabolism and overall health enhancements.

It covers a range of ingredients which include vitamin C, vitamin D, Vitamin E, Folic Acid, Zinc, Copper and Selenium. All perform their different tasks and together they give you a better energetic pesonality.

The premium ingredients certified by FSSAI & HACCP makes you tension free from quality side. Higher quality gives you optimum return from your heath investment.

If you are looking for a multivitamin that guarantees 100% recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamins and minerals, this MB-Vite multivitamin is certainly leads the race. As a result, it finely fills the nutritional gap in our daily life.

You can not get maximum result from a supplement if it is not highly digestible. The blended digestive enzymes present in this multivitamin address this issue properly.


Very affordable cost.
Very popular Indian nutrition brand.
Works as immunity boosters.
Good for both men and women.
Fills micronutrients gap.


Not for children.
Summary MuscleBlaze MB – Vite multivitamin works extremely well as immunity booster. Moreover, MuscleBlaze is itself known for giving value for money product. The product is able to fill the nutritional gap created in daily diets due to various lifestyle factors.

Best Multivitamin Tablet In India No. 9 Optimum Nutrition, ON Opti-Men Multivitamin, 150 Tablets

best multivitamin tablet in india 2024

Opti-Men is the premium multi vitamin by most popular nutrition firm Optimum Nutrition (ON). It has more than 75 ingredients specially designed to meet the micro nutrition needs of a fit and active man.

This multivitamin comes in 4 blends enriched with amino acids and BCAAs. These ingredients help this product play a good role in muscles recovery too.

The main focus of the product is to give you all the nutrients you need. For this, it harnesses the nutrients of both non vegetarian and vegetarian sources.

The Opti-men multivitamin extracts micronutrients from 8 botanical and marine concentrate, 20 fruits and vegetables concentrates. The company blends them in high tech labs in their unique way.

With this multivitamin, you are able to get free form amino acids, botanical extracts, and 25 Phyto complex vitamins and minerals. So, you can think of Opti-Men as key multivitamin support for your fit lifestyle.


A premium quality product.
Fills nutritional deficiency.
Good immunity booster.
Includes extracts from highly enriched marine sources.
75+ active ingredients.


Not for women and kids.
Not for pure vegetarian.
Summary – The Opti-Men multivitamin is a premium quality product. Although it is costly, still the product is good and affordable due to the immense benefits of 73+ ingredients it provides. The product is highly popular among bodybuilders and sports fraternity.

Best Multivitamin Tablet In India No. 10 – Dymatize Nutrition Complete Multi-Vitamin Tablet – 60 Count

best multivitamin tablet in india 2024

Next in the list of best multivitamin in India is the complete multivitamin by Dymatize Nutrition. It has got many excellent ingredients with worldwide certifications for quality which makes it eligible for the list.

Your best multivitamin must be free from artificial colors and gluten to save from any untoward side effects. These two issues have been especially addressed in this multivitamin.

It has got a comprehensive blend of a range of vitamins and minerals. As a result, you never suffer with nutritional deficiency.

The Dymatize products are internationally accredited and praised. They formulate them based on the latest science. Hence, you will be satisfied with the highest quality standards.

The Dymatize Science Team works with researchers and scientists from around the world to ensure their formulations deliver maximum results without compromising your safety.


A popular product liked by sports centers.
Scientific blends of vitamins and minerals.
Useful for both men and women.
No harmful ingredients added.
Not very costly.


Summary – A world-class quality product used and recommended by many sports academy. The company has got many international certifications for its quality product. Priced at the lower range, the multivitamin is capable to fill the nutrition gap in both men and women. Hence, the product is affordable and good for all.

Buyer’s Guide: Best Multivitamin Tablets in India

You have gone through the detailed reviews of top 10 multivitamins in India. After going through a lot of good options you need to zero on the best one.

In this section we shall guide you for what to look into and how to relate with your needs? This way you will be able to make an informed decision.

1. Assess Your Needs

Multivitamin tablets fall under category of supplements and not drugs. The sole purpose of these products is to fill the nutrition gap created in a person.

So, the main question is “are you suffering with nutrition gap”? Let’s see what the symptoms are or what the condition is in which you should opt for a multivitamin.

  1. If you are a hard working professional and have got no access to the organic vegetables and fruits in your daily diet it is most likely that there is nutrition gap in you.
  2. If you are a sports person or fitness geek and work hard to meet your expectation you definitely need the supplements.
  3. You feel tiered and boring there is deficiency of vitamins in you.
  4. There are some diseases like rickets, blindness, scurvy etc. which occur due to lack of sufficient vitamins.
  5. Many children suffer with nutrition gap as they do not like to eat vegetables and fruits and tend to consume fast foods more.
  6. Pregnant and lactating women have got very high chance of developing nutrition gap because their nutrition is partially consumed by their babies.
  7. Students who are in preparation of exams and need to study for long hours. They also need to remember a lot of stuffs. 

2. Types of Vitamins                             

There are 13 vitamins which body obtains through food. Their deficiency and excess both causes problems. The following table from Wikipedia gives you information at a glance.

Vitamin           SolubleDeficiency DiseaseOverdose Syndrome
Vitamin AFatNight BlindnessHypervitaminosis A
Vitamin B1WaterBeriberiDrwsiness
Vitamin B2WaterAriboflavinosis 
Vitamin B3WaterPellagraLiver damage
Vitamin B5WaterParesthesiaDiarrhea
Vitamin B7WaterDermatitis 
Vitamin B9WaterAnemia 
Vitamin B12WaterB12 deficiency 
Vitamin CWaterScurvyStomach Pain
Vitamin DFatRicketsHypervitaminosis D
Vitamin EFatMild amenia in infantsCongestive heart failure
Vitamin KFatBleeding diathesisDecreased anticoagulation

3. Ingredients in a Multivitamin Tablet

A multivitamin tablet contains many vitamins. Along with vitamins it also contains minerals, preservatives and taste additives.

You may be worried to see others than vitamin ingredients but these too are necessary to protect it harmful reactions and give taste.

4. Side Effects of a Multivitamin Tablet

These multivitamin tablets supplement food nutrition. They do not cause any serious side effects.

Some common side effects are constipation and mild stomach but they go away once you get accustomed to the product.

Other side effects may be allergies such as rashes, itching or sore throat. These too are of mild nature and temporary.

But, it is good practice to consult a health professional or dietician before consuming it.

5. Manufacturer’s History

It is important because with experiences, a manufacture masters the process and quality of the product improves.

Obviously, a good manufacturer with adequate expertise and proven quality control process gives world standard product with best quality.

Some top international brands in nutrition industries are Optimum Nutrition, Dymatize, Muscleblaze, Nutrilite etc.

6. Cost Benefit Analysis

If you look at the cost of a multivitamin tablet, normally, it is between Rs. 10 to 20. Cost of the multivitamin varies as per the availability of ingredients and brand value assigned with the product.

Leave apart the price; a multivitamin tablet gives you immense benefits. We have covered all the benefits of using a multivitamin in section “Benefits of Using a Multivitamin Tablet” in this article.

You will be surprised to know that the vitamins and mineral you get from a tablet is equivalent to 10 to 15 types of foods. Rarely a person eats all foods together like spinach, acerola, alfa alfa, fish, eggs, mushrooms, muttons etc.

7. Advises of Health Professionals

A master is always a master. A master is systematically trained and studied the subject thoroughly. He is well authorized and certified competent authority to give you consultation.

The blog articles are sufficient to bring out some good products from the ocean of market. In doing so, they consider many things from users reviews, production process, acceptability etc.

But, only you know your actual condition and actual requirement. You can tell it to professionals and they can tell you exactly what you need.

8. Ratings and User’s Feedback

A company may claim anything to sell its multivitamin tablets but whether it stands with its words is a test of time. Only experienced users can reveal the truth.

User’s ratings and feedback credit or discredit the product. It’s also true a lot of fake reviews and ratings are also given by firms lobbies and digital marketers.

So, it’s better to rely on independent reviews and blogs. Also, refer more than one blog to make a better, balanced and informed decision.

9. Money Back Policy

It’s important you don’t lose or waste your hard earned money. For this, always try to get a multivitamin packet that has a money back policy.

Usually, 10 to 30 days replacement or refund policy is there in many top brands.

To proclaim the quality and ascertain the users faith many multivitamin brands return full amount even your return the product after some uses.

10. Identify and Discard a Fake Product

For online sellers and consumers of multivitamin tablets, fake product problem is a menace. In spite of all the preventive efforts put up by marketplace platforms many bad people register themselves and sell fake products.

In nutrition industry this problem is bigger. It is very difficult for new players to establish their own brand with top qualities.

They find easier route and fake the top brands.

It is better to buy from verified sellers only. Also, before opening the product seal, read its spellings carefully and label printing quality.

You can also check its authenticity by barcodes and check it online on manufacturer’s website.

Frequently Asked Questions : Best Multivitamin Tablets In India 2024

If you are consumer of a multivitamin there are various questions you need to know their answers. Also there may be a lot of questions coming to your mind related to the multivitamin.

For example, what is recommended daily allowance? What is nutrition deficiency? What problems caused by nutrition deficiency? What are “water soluble” and “fat soluble” vitamins? etc.

Recommended daily allowance is the amount of nutrition judged scientifically to meet daily dietary nutrition intake of a healthy healthy person.

It is calculated on the basis of physiological assessment of a group of persons with similar physiological requirements.

Say, for example, physiological requirements of sports persons are different from students and women. Hence their RDAs of multivitamins may vary too.

2. What is Nutrition Deficiency?

A nutrition deficiency occurs when the body doesn’t get adequate nutrients from diet and supplementary sources. A number of health problems surface as a result.

The individual may suffer with skin disorder, stunted growth, digestion problem, brain disorder and dementia etc.

3. What are the most common Nutritional Deficiency Diseases?

Diseases like blindness, scurvy, rickets and beri beri are most common among many, caused by deficiency of nutrients.

If child lacks vitamin A in his diet period for a prolong period, it’s most likely he will develop symptoms of blindness. Deficiency of vitamin D makes you suffer with rickets in which your bones get weakened and legs may bow down.

4. What are “fat soluble” and “water soluble” vitamins?

Fat soluble vitamins get stored in liver. There excretion takes place. These are vitamins A, D, E and K. Your liver acts as detoxifier. If you are taking too much of fat soluble vitamins your liver may not clear it and you may develop health problems.

Water soluble vitamins are B and C. These vitamins pass through the system and get execrated via urinal. Excess of these vitamins cause you more urine. If you have renal function problem, urine may not get clear thoroughly and build up in the body.

5. What should my multivitamin contain?

Although multivitamin brands claim to contain lot of vitamins and minerals, Your multivitamins must have at least these 7 ingredients.

As per nutritionists, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Iron, Folate and Vitamin B12 are the ingredients you should must look for before placing order.

6. What are the benefits of taking multivitamins daily?

Daily uses of multivitamins give you many health benefits. Most important benefits are stress reduction and increased energy levels.

Other benefits include improvement in mood, good muscles strength, charming face and good memory.

7. How many are the essential vitamins?

Your body needs 13 essential vitamins which are supplied by foods. They are A, C, D, E, K, and B complex.

Vitamin B complex includes B1(Thiamine), B2(Riboflavin), B3(Niacin), B5(Pantothenic Acid), B6, B7(Biotin), B9(Folate) and vitamin B12.

8. Does it matter in multivitamin, name-brand or generic?

As far as product is certified by FSSAI you can go for it. More important is that your product should have the ingredients you need.

Branded products do have a satisfied customer base and new users should try it rather wandering for cheap generic product.

If you are an experienced user with good knowledge of supplements and its ingredients taking a bet on generic is not a bad idea as it saves money.

9. What is the best time to eat multivitamin?

The best way to eat multivitamin is consume with food. You can use it with breakfast, lunch or dinner. Taking with food helps optimize its absorption.

Also, you will save yourself from minor side effects like constipation or gas problems.

10. Where is the best place to store multivitamin tablets?

It’s better you refer the product pack to get this information. The product label page displays such informations.

However, it is good to store supplements at cool and dry place. Also, keep it away from children and pets. This way supplements store their ingredients potency for longer period.

Benefits of Using a Multivitamin Tablet

Before you start consuming a multivitamin supplement from this year 2024, it’s important what are the benefits you will get? How multivitamin tablet is going to impact your health?

1. Makes You Feel Energetic

Your body derives energy from the food you consume. Presence of vitamins in the food optimizes the metabolism process.

Good metabolism extracts maximum energy from food and makes you feel always active. As a result, you perform better in your any endeavor.

2. Improves Your Mood

The presence of high energy level improves your mood and emotional well being. It helps you in taking better decisions.

Getting enough vitamins and minerals improves the brain functions responsible for your mood. Therefore, brain works faster.

3. Reduces stress and Tension

The presence of vitamins and minerals in your daily multivitamin supplement can also significantly reduce levels of stress and tension.

The body uses vitamins to produce energy from food, keeps the nervous system functioning properly, and produces stress relief hormones.

Taking multivitamin tablets daily can replenish your body’s supply.

4. Improved short-term memory

A recent study from Australia showed that B vitamins has a significant impact in supporting short-term memory function.

In the research, older participants who supplemented with vitamin B12 did better in memory tests compared to those who did not take supplements.

5. Maintained muscle strength

Tips to Get Maximum Benefits from a Multivitamin

Always take multivitamin tablet with food. This way you optimise the vitamins digestion. It also protects you from nausea and constipation.

You may be on medication already. It is important to know is there any chemical reaction between vitamin and the medicine.

Get knowledge about fat soluble and water soluble vitamins. Fat soluble vitamins are stored in body and water soluble vitamin dissolve in water and get excreted via urine.

Fat soluble vitamins are better absorbed with fat rich meals. It has come into studies that fat soluble vitamins digest almost 30% faster with fat rich meals than with fat free meals.

Store your multivitamin packets in dark cool and dry place. Keep it away from kids. Label it properly and keep it air tight.


As you know most of vitamins from food get wasted while bringing it from field to kitchen. After that, during cooking also some vitamins get wasted.

If you have no access to fresh vegetables and fruits due to some reasons, taking multivitamin tablets as supplement is good way to fulfill the vitamins need.

Therefore, a good multivitamin tablet without side effect plays a vital role in maintaining health and fitness of busy people. A good health will pay you back.