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Top 3 picks from the 10 Best Rowing Machine in India 2023 Mar

Hey, guy are you looking for the Best Rowing Machine in India 2023? If yes, you have landed on the right page.

A rowing machine is one of the best fitness equipment for cardiovascular exercises. Your choice for having a rowing machine is certainly a praiseworthy decision.

Fitness enthusiasts see a rowing machine as an alternative to a treadmill or an elliptical trainer.

Don’t get confused, in later sections, we will clear all your doubts related to a treadmill, elliptical trainer, and a rowing machine.

Rowing Machine Terminology

Rowing machines are not as popular as treadmills or elliptical trainers. But now a days this cardio equipment is getting widespread acceptance due its full body workout performance.

Before buying a rowing machine you should go through various terminologies used with a rowing machine. Here is a quick guide to the terminology you are likely to come across if own a rowing machine.

Dead Spot

When you feel a drop in resistance during stroke it is called a dead spot. A good row machine does not have a dead spot.


It is actually the screen that displays your workout data. It includes distance rowed, the time elapsed, calories burnt, strokes per minute, and pulse rate.


A rowing machine is also known as an ergometer. The name is derived from old rowing clubs.


It is actually a weight that produces resistance when you pull back. Resistance may be generated using air, water or magnets.


These are places where you strap in your feet. They are mainly to secure your feet during rowing operation. In absence of secured feet, you can not complete the recovery part of the stroke.


Rail is the central beam on which your seal rolls up and down. It is strongly built of high-quality steel. It must be sturdy otherwise you may get a serious injury.


These are places where you strap in your feet. They are mainly to secure your feet during rowing operation. In absence of secured feet, you can not complete the recovery part of the stroke.

Quick Comparison – 10 Best Rowing Machine in India

Sl. No.Rowing MachineTop FeaturesOur OpinionPrice
1Schwinn Crewmaster Rowing Machine10 level magnetic resistance, 10 year warranty, folding option.Overall best rowing machine in IndiaView on Amazon
2AFTON Xterra ERG 600W Water Rower6 level water resistance, 5.5 inch LCD, Maximum user weight 150 kg.Value for MoneyView on Amazon
3Lets Play LP-AR202970 Imported Air Rower- Rowing Machine for Full Body Exercise, Free Air Rowing Machine Heavy Duty Rowing Machine Foldable, BlackAir resistance, maintenance free, anti slip handle bars, LCD monitorBest in premium categoryView on Amazon
4Stamina DT 397 Rowing Machine Rower, Dual Technology Combines Magnetic & Air Resistance, Includes Two Expert-Guided Online Workouts, Stream from Any DeviceAir and magnetic resistance, ergonomic design, LCD monitorBest for noiseless operation. View on Amazon
5Stamina DT Plus Rowing Machine 1409 / Includes Two Online Expert-Guided On Demand Workouts/Stream from Any DeviceAir and magnetic resistance, textured foot plates, heart rate monitor.Strong built and durable. View on Amazon
6Aerofit Aluminum Rowing Machine AF-803 (Multicolour)10 level magnetic resistance, LCD display, 5 kg flywheel, Transportation wheelsBest in low budget View on Amazon
7USI UNIVERSAL THE UNBEATABLE AIR Rower Rowing Machine for Exercise (RW)Air and magnetic resistance, 20″ ground clearance, LCD displayBest ergonomic design View on Amazon
8Concept2 RowErg with PM5 (Tall Legs, Black)Air resistance, 20″ ground clearance, folding option for storage purposeBest rowing machine taller users View on Amazon
9Viva Fitness AR800 Air Rower Machine8 resistance level, magnetic and air resistance, 12 pre-programmed rowing routines, max user weight 150 kg.Best rowing machine for heavy duty View on Amazon
10Stamina Magnetic Rowing Machine 1130Magnetic rowing, 16 level resistance, 9 preset programsGood for small family View on Amazon

Expert Reviews – 10 Best Rowing Machine in India

A lot of rowing machines are available in the Indian market. It is good that you have multiple options to choose from but at the same time you need to spend much more time to find the best one.

Don’t worry we have done the hard work for you. After intense research on market and rowing technologies we have come out with the list of the 10 best rowing machines in India.

In this section you will get detailed review of each rowing machine one by one.

Best Rowing Machine in India No. 1 – Schwinn Crewmaster Rowing Machine

best rowing machine in india 2023

With 5 star rating by the existing users the Schwin Crewmaster Rowing Machine stands at number 1 in our list of the best rowing machine in India.

There is a large LCD in front of you. It tracks time and calculates distance, calories burnt, strokes and recoveries.

Seat is extra large and so it gives you adequate comfort during workout. Seat has high quality cushion and it travels smoothly against the rail.

To give you intense workout and maximize your efforts the rowing machine comes with 10 kg of magnetic resistance.

It is easier to adjust the console upward or downward and make it in line of sight let it be your any height. It ergonomically adapts to the user preferences.

As new user you must be mentally free from manufacturing defect like issues. 10 years warranty on frame and 3 years warranty on parts largely solve this issue.

And last but not the least, the row pedals are large and adjustable. You tie your feet with strap before starting the workout and have safe strokes.


Stable and ergonomically designed.
Seat is larger and comfortable.
Foldable and easy to store.
Build quality is good.
10 years warranty on frame.



Best Rowing Machine in India No. 2 – AFTON Xterra ERG 600W Water Rower

best rowing machine in india 2023

The Xterra made rowing machine ERG 600W has 6 level water resistance. It is made of solid steel with dual aluminium slide rails.

You will get top of the class performance from this machine with smooth action. This is because the multi bladed impeller is highly sturdy and durable.

To fix your feet on pedals, there are large foot pedals with Velcro straps. It has numbered settings to adjust different size feet. Pedals flex with every movement of feet.

For storage purpose you can keep this rowing machine in stand up position. This you can stow it even in a corner of the room.

There is a large 5.5 ” LCD display to give real time data of time countdown, distance countdown, strokes, date, temperature and calories burnt. For the perfect viewing angle you can adjust line of sight of the display.

This rowing machine ERG 600 W is equipped with ergonomic rowing handle. It is contoured and padded for maximum comfort.

In this rowing machine your comfort of sitting too is taken care of. The seat is large and cushioned to give relaxed sitting.


Good construction quality.
Stable base.
Adjustable pedals.
Ergonomic seat.
Reputed brand.



Best Rowing Machine in India No. 3 – Lets Play LP-AR202970 Imported Air Rower- Rowing Machine for Full Body Exercise, Free Air Rowing Machine Heavy Duty Rowing Machine Foldable, Black

best rowing machine in india 2023

At no. 3 in the list of the best rowing machine in India we have Lets Play LP-AR202970. This rowing machine uses air rowing techniques to produce resistances.

There is anti slip handle bars in this rowing machine. It is ergonomically designed to maximize your rowing performance.

The LCD monitor in your line of sight displays stroke count, time, calories, speed and reset.

When you row it’s important that in every stroke your feet remain firmly positioned. For that adjustable pedals with strap help you.

Seat moves forward and backward when you row. For your comfortable sitting the seat is cushioned and ergonomically designed.

The rail is made of alloy steel and it gives very smooth sliding during rowing. Burn more calories with each stroke and enjoy full body work out with this rowing machine.


Heavier built.
Elegant look.
Air rower.
No water spillage problem.
Tear resistant rowing strap.


No Wi Fi.

Best Rowing Machine in India No. 4 – Stamina DT 397 Rowing Machine Rower, Dual Technology Combines Magnetic & Air Resistance, Includes Two Expert-Guided Online Workouts, Stream from Any Device

best rowing machine in india 2023

The main feature of this rowing machine Stamina DT 397 is its dual resistance technology. It clubs the air resistance and magnetic resistance together to give you perfect stamina training.

With the rowing machine comes free online workout video from Stamina’s video on Demand platform. Live streaming is possible to your smartphone, PC, tablet or TV.

You can track your rowing workout with easy to read large monitor. It displays time, stroke count, distance and calories burnt.

Being a premium rowing machine it looks after your comfort during exercises. For that purpose you will get here padded handlebars, textured and adjustable foot pedals with straps and molded seat.


Very strong and stable.
Dual resistance technology.
Video on demand support.
Live streaming.


Warranty not available.

Best Rowing Machine in India No. 5 – Stamina DT Plus Rowing Machine 1409 / Includes Two Online Expert-Guided On Demand Workouts/Stream from Any Device

best rowing machine in india 2023

We have once again a rowing machine from Stamina Brand. The Stamina DT Plus Rowing Machine 1409 is one of the few best rowing machines available online.

Tow types of resistance air and magnetic gives you great workout experience. As far as strength training is concerned this rowing machine is perfect.

To track your workout data like strokes per minute, time, distance and calories the rowing machine has LCD display in your line of sight.

Adjustable pedals with high quality straps secure your feet during rowing workout. The rowing machine also has padded handlebars, molded padded seat for smooth rowing.

To guide your workout two expert guide assist you online. You can set customized workout like target intensity, target heart rate and custom intervals.


High quality built.
Ergonomic seat and pedals.
Customized workouts.
Elegant design.
Medium level cost.


Warranty not available.

Best Rowing Machine in India No. 6 – Aerofit Aluminum Rowing Machine AF-803 (Multicolour)

best rowing machine in india 2023

The Aerofit aluminium rowing machine AF – 803 is the perfect rowing machine fully body high intensity workout. 10 level of magnetic resistance takes sufficient pulling force to give you good muscle training.

There is a 5 kg flywheel to support 10 level of magnetic resistance. As a result, many workout programs customization is possible with minute variation.

For comfortable sitting, the rowing machine has got ergonomically designed seat. Handle are cushioned for better gripping.

Slip less pedals securely grip you feet and gives you a safe workout. You can secure your feet with lace fitted on pedals. Pedals are wider too.

There is a LCD display to monitor your workout data on real time basis. This always helps you to remain in your target zone.

Aerofit is a reputed brand and cost is also not very high. With all these features this rowing machine AF-803 is one of the best rowing machines available online.


Popular brand.
Noiseless operation.
Folding feature.
Low cost.
One year warranty.


Not good for heavy duty operation.

Best Rowing Machine in India No. 7 – USI UNIVERSAL THE UNBEATABLE AIR Rower Rowing Machine for Exercise (RW)

best rowing machine in india 2023

You can get this rower for its best comfortable seat, best adjustable pedals and high accurate display. All the components are designed from ergonomic point of view.

The USI universal rower is able bear the load of a user weight of 140 kg. This means your complete family including some bulky users too can use this rowing machine without worrying for damage.

Ground clearance of the seat is 20″. This feature makes this machine specially suitable for taller users. Also, you can fold it for storage purpose.

On display you can monitor the real time workout progress like strokes per minute, number of strokes, heart rate and time elapsed. Display position is adjustable too so that users of different height can view it easily.

It is a made in Taiwan product and has considerable presence in fitness industry. Additionally, this rowing machine has in-built programs like Quick Start, Competition Racing, Target Time, Target Distance, Target Calories etc.

With 10 days of replacement window and one year of warranty this USI universal unbeatable rowing machine is one of the best rowing machine in India.


Great built quality.
Ergonomic design.
Good for all size users.
Maximum user weight is good.
One year of warranty.


High cost.

Best Rowing Machine in India No. 8 – Concept2 RowErg with PM5 (Tall Legs, Black)

best rowing machine in india 2023

This rowing machine is mainly suitable for taller people. The 20 inch seat height gives sufficient legs movement for tall persons.

Made in USA this indoor fitness equipment rowing machine Concept2 RowErg with Tall legs is a highly durable machine due to nickel plated chain, double powder coat and a glossy finish.

Due to its sleek design and glossy finish the rowing machine stands apart aesthetically in your home gym. You can store it easily by opening screws from center and divide the machine in two parts.

You can effectively control the air resistance to the flywheel with the help of spiral damper. Thus, you can change the feel of the stroke to suit your preferences.

One of the advanced features that makes this fitness equipment the best rowing machine in India is its monitor PM5. This Performance Monitor 5 equips with backlit for better visibility and comparison utilities.

While designing seat and pedals, the company has taken care of the maximum ergonomics. The seat is spacious and your peddles secure feet firmly during rowing exercises.


A premium rowing machine.
Gloss free painting.
Good mobility and easier storage.
Needs lesser maintenance.
Higher seat height.


Costly product.

Best Rowing Machine in India No. 9 – Viva Fitness AR800 Air Rower Machine

best rowing machine in india 2023

Viva Fitness is a premium fitness brand in India and the strength of this rowing machine lies in its resistance. With dual technology support i.e air and magnetic the machine is capable to give 8 level of resistance.

The rowing beam is made of high quality aluminium that supports strength and stability during workout. Up to 150 kg of user weight is permitted for smooth rowing motion.

There are 12 pre programmed rowing routines to meet the variety of exercises intensities. A pre program clearly defines the speed and strokes per minute required for a selected training routine.

During every stroke the pulling action is quiet due to nylon rowing strap it gives you a smooth pulling experience. Added with the machine is contoured seat which gives you extra comfort during workout.

Manufactured in India at Jalandhar, the AR800 rowing machine weight is 70 kg. You can fold it for storage purpose after use.


Very stable machine.
Quiet operation.
Made in India.
Ergonomic seat and pedals.
Strong straps.



Best Rowing Machine in India No. 10 – Stamina Magnetic Rowing Machine 1130

best rowing machine in india 2023

To track your real time workout progress the rowing machine Stamina 1130 has a backlit multi-functional workout monitor that tracks total strokes, strokes per minute, workout time, distance and calories burned. This will keep you within your perfection zone.

Not only strokes and time but, the rowing machine also keeps track of pulses. For that it includes heart rate chest strap, which synchronizes wirelessly with monitor for pulse tracking.

The Stamina Rowing Machine 1130 is made of high quality aluminum. So, you need not to worry for corrosion and degradation with time passes. Also being aluminium the rowing beam gives you a smoother seat sliding.

In this machine you will have 16 levels of smooth, quiet magnetic resistance and 13 possible workout programs with 9 preset programs and 4 user-generated programs. These programs are enough to give a variety of training session for your demanding fitness needs.

Keeping users requirement in mind, the rower has a water bottle a phone holder too. These utilities are specially helpful to users are going to use this machine intensely.


High quality display.
Aluminium beam.
Lesser maintenance.
Noise free.
Bottle and phone holders are there.


Little bit costly.

Buyer’s Guide to Rowing Machines

Before you buy a rowing machine it’s important to ask few questions yourself. For example

  • Do you really like the rowing machine?
  • What budget you have planned for a rower?
  • Do you have adequate space to setup a rowing machine?
  • How often and how many people do you think will use it?

Noise Level

Many rowers make noise during rowing operations. Usually, water rowers make less noise than other types of rowers. So you should be cautious while choosing a rowing machine for its noise level.

Ease of Maintenance

It is important to understand fully how easier it is to maintain your machine. A rowing machine is a large equipment and it needs maintenance to stay serviceable for longer periods.

For example, in water resistance rower your need to change the water periodically but in other rowers this is not the problem.

Storage Space

Storage space is one of the most prominent factor that needs to be looked into before buying a rowing machine. It takes a lot of space.

Although there are folding rowing machines, so that you can fold it after use and store it in a corner of your room. Still it uses the considerable space in your room.

For typical rowing machine you need 4 feet length and width alongwith 10 feet of height.

Comfortable Seat

For exercise on a rowing machine you have to seat for longer periods on a single position. A comfortable seat always helps you to concentrate on strokes without adjusting your position again and again.

It’s also important what is the ground clearance of your rowing machine seat. You legs should not get disturbed while ON and OFF on the rowing machine.

Adjustable Foot straps

While working out a rowing machine your feet rest on two separate plates. You need to secure your feet by tying straps on the plates.

Different users may have different feet size. So, an adjustable foot strap will be beneficial strapping the different size feet.

Dashboard stats

There are some models of rowing machines which have basic stats like meters and powers. For a new user to the rowing machine, basic stats that are very user friendly are better options.

On the other hand, a dashboard with more data options and tracking features are good for people looking to get a competitive edge or following some specific goals.

Resistance Types

The popular resistance options in rowing machines are water, air and magnetic. All have their own pros and cons.

If you are buying a rowing machine for home purpose then water or air resistance is good option. They produce lesser noise and provide reliable services.

There are two types of resistance setting. In some machine you select a resistance level and perform your strokes while in others machine automatically adjusts the level depending upon your preset program selection.


Now a days more and more rowing machines are coming with many digital features. Due to more and more smart features the cost of rowing machines do increase.

For example, there are rowing machines on which you can live stream your workout and compete with others virtually.

Some rowers have large and smart screens whereas some have smaller screens which shows basic fitness data.

FAQs – Rowing Machines

Till now, you have seen reviews of the 10 best rowing machines in India and various terms used in rowing machines.

Now, a lot of questions will be coming to your mind which need to be answered. In this section we are giving you a list of frequently asked questions which will help you in your day to day life while using a rower.

What are the benefits of a rowing machine?

There a ton of benefits of a rowing machine. However, we are giving here top benefits of a rowing machine.

  • Full Body Muscle Workout – This is the low impact cardio equipment which gives you together full body workout. During throughout rowing operation you work out your legs, core, back and arms.
  • Burns Calories – With workout on a rowing machine you can burn 600 – 1000 calories per hour.
  • Low Impact – A rowing machine comes in the low impact cardio equipment category. You know running, jogging or jumping are weight bearing whereas rowing is non weight bearing and so highly beneficial for joints.

What muscles do a rowing machine work out?

When you row on a rowing machine almost 84% muscles of total muscles in your body work out. There is no fitness equipment giving full body workout together.

Following are the muscles that work out during each each stroke cycle.

Shoulders, upper back, lower back, buttock, quadtratic, hamstring, calves, abdomen, upper arm and lower arm are the muscles that get trained during rowing.

What is the proper rowing form and technique?

Although it is a great fitness equipment and gives you full body workout. Yet many people don’t use this machine because of lack of proper operating knowledge.

You are advised to go through some you tube videos and learn how to use a rower before working out on it.

Its operation is not very hard but it’s important to learn before going into action to avoid injury to self or damage to the machine.

What is the best rowing machine for loosing weight?

Rowing machine are good for burning calories and so loosing the weight. Now, the question is which rowing machine is the best to loose weight.

In above section, we have covered 10 best rowing machines in India one by one. As per your budget you buy any one of them.

While working out you will be able to burn calories and so lose weight.

How much calories does a rowing machine burn?

On a typical rowing machine you can burn 400-600 calories per hour. On a good rower for heavy duty you can burn even 1000 calories an hour.

What resistance type should I buy?

There are 4 types of resistances in rowing machines. They are air, hydraulic, magnetic and water.

All have their own pros and cons. So, choosing one of them which is better depends on you.

If you are aiming for a low noise rowing machine go for a water type resistance rower.

What is the best rowing machine for tall people?

A rowing machine which has ground clearance of minimum 20″ is good for taller people. A good ground clearance makes it easier for taller people to start and stop the rower.

Also, taller people need display of the rower at higher location. So, a machine which has adjustable display and foot plates are better option.

Is a rowing machine better than a treadmill, elliptical or bike?

It is a tough question and its answer varies from expert to expert. All these machines are cardio exercise equipment and they have their own pros and cons.

A treadmill may be perfect for burning faster calories but it’s not good for people suffering with joint pains. Elliptical are low impact exercise equipment but they do not give complete body workout.

On the other hand, a rowing machine is the least impact one and also gives you full body workout. So, obviously a rowing machine is the best cardio exercise equipment and that is why it costs higher than others.

Which one is the best rowing machine for short people?

Normally, most of the rowers accommodate short people too. They give adjustable seat, foot pedals and display height.

You don’t get a rowing machine which has fixed seat, feet plates and displays.

Tips for Maximum Utilization of a Rowing Machine

  • Don’t grip too hard.
  • Drive with legs and not with hand pulling.
  • Sequence should always be leg, hip, arm, arm, hip, leg and not any other thing.
  • Drive straight back and don’t raise and sit.
  • While driving your back should make angle of 11 o’clock.
  • Keep your elbows relaxed.
  • During recovery you should lean forward at 1 o’clock position.
  • Sit up tall at all times.
  • Take easy breathe.
  • Make steady movement.

The Bottom Line

A rowing machine is the best cardiovascular exercise equipment as this machine gives you full body workout together. Additionally, produces least impact on joints. So, it specially good for elders.

No matter, how much you invest and what rower you choose for your fitness. Consistent workout on a rower will give you immense benefits as explained earlier.