Best Water Purifier in India 2024 Apr – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Top 3 pick from the 10 Best Water Purifier in India 2024 Apr

Are you looking for the best water purifier in India in this year 2024? Water is the most essential item required for body to work properly. Pure water is the first required for a healthy body.

You know, the online market is flooded with a number of water purifiers. Choosing the best one is extremely difficult.

But fitnessline team have done the hard work for you. We have surveyed and researched on almost all the water purifier brands in India.

After a rigorous analysis, we have come out with the list of 10 best water purifier brands in India. All you need to do is go through the article carefully and choose any one falling within your budget.

Trust us, it will be far better decision than going for a random water purifier without delving deeper into this review.

Benefits of Using a Water Purifier

  1. Purified water keeps digestion well.
  2. You get relieved from problems like constipation and gases.
  3. Your energy level remains high throughout the day.
  4. Clean drinking water saves you from many water borne diseases.
  5. Being good in taste you will drink sufficient water in a day.
  6. The purified water helps you loose weight.
  7. A water purifier at home makes you tension free of storing drinking water.
  8. You always get fresh drinking water.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Water Purifier in India

Sl . No.Water PurifierSalient FeaturesPrice
1HUL Pureit Water PurifierCopper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF 7 stage Table top / Wall Mountable Black & Copper 8 litres capacityView on Amazon
2LG WW182EP Water PurifierRO+STS+UV+UF (Mineral Booster) RO Multi-Stage Filtration with 8 LTR. Dual Protection Stainless Steel TankView on Amazon
3KENT Supreme Extra (11113) Water PurifierZero Water Wastage, Wall Mountable, RO + UV + UF + Alkaline + TDS Control + UV in Tank, 8 L Tank, White, 20 LPHView on Amazon
4AO Smith Z9 Green RO Water Purifier10 Litre Wall Mountable , Table Top RO+SCMT Black 10LitreView on Amazon
5Livpure Zinger Water Purifier70% water recovery with Mineraliser+RO+UV+UF+6 Stage Purification 6.5 litre ElectricView on Amazon
6Cuckoo Dew Pond Eco Ro Water PurifierRO+UV Alkaline Water Purifier – 7.5L Wall Mounted/Table Top (Black & White)View on Amazon
7KENT GRAND STAR MINERAL RORO+UV+UF+TDS Control+UV in Tank | Wall Mountable| Zero Water Wastage| Digital Display of Purity| Patented Mineral RO Technology| 9L Storage | 20 L/hr OutputView on Amazon
8Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Marvel Water Purifier8L RO+UV e-boiling+MTDS with Active CopperView on Amazon
9Aquaguard Aura Water Purifier7L RO+UV e-boiling + MTDS water purifier with Active Copper & Mineral Guard Technology, 8 stages of PurificationView on Amazon
10Faber Galaxy Plus Water PurifierRO+UV+UF+MAT, 9 Liters, 8 Stage MineralView on Amazon

Expert Reviews: 10 Best Water Purifier in India

In this section we have included water purifiers in all budget segment. Our main focus is to select the best quality water purifier in a particular price bracket.

While reviewing a particular product, we have gone through various users reviews, experiences, brand history, spare parts quality and on site machine workings.

All you need to do is select a water purifier depending on your budget. Rest everything we have taken care of.

Best Water Purifier in India No. 1 – HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF 7 stage Table top / Wall Mountable Black & Copper 8 litres Water Purifier

best water purifier in india 2024

HUL Pureit water purifier is the most popular water purifier among consumers. It has got 7 stage purification process and uses unique proprietary copper charge technology.

Apart from filtering and purifying, the addition of copper in water increases its anti microbial and anti inflammatory properties. As a result, you are able to keep yourself safe from various diseases.

There are two dispensing system available in this water purifier machine HUL Pureit. It gives you freedom to have options of having either copper enriched water or normal ro water.

The unique copper charge technology charges water with 99.8% of pure copper and that too in real time. The moment you start filling your glass the RO machine makes sure the water gets charged before entering in glass.

You need not to worry about cleaning or pureness of copper as there is automatic copper cleaning feature. It ensures infusion of fresh copper in every glass.

The made in India water purifier has tank capacity of 8 litres. And so, you never run out of RO water even if you have extended family of guests at home.

This HUL Pureit water purifier has purification capacity of 28 litres per hour with a TDS limit 2000 mg per litre. With this capacity your RO water tank never gets depleted.


Copper added water is good for health.
You can get water without copper too.
Affordable cost.
Reputed made in India brand.
Installation is easier.
The RO machine is maintenance friendly.
Tank made food grade engineered plastic.


Not suitable for water with TDS more than 2000 ppm.
For every litre of purified water 650ml water is thrown out as wastage.
As you know copper gives a lot of health benefit and this HUL Pureit water purifier gives you option to get copper added RO water. The machine ensures mixing of right amount of copper. The product is extremely good at this price with a lot of features.

Best Water Purifier in India No. 2 – LG WW182EP RO+STS+UV+UF (Mineral Booster) RO Multi-Stage Filtration with 8 LTR. Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank

best water purifier in india 2024

With 8 liters of capacity WW182EP multistage RO water purifier by LG is good for middle sized family. The LG gives you 01 year of warranty and 10 years warranty on stainless steel tank.

The 5 stage filtration system has international standard outside pre filter, sediment filter, pre carbon filter, RO filter and mineral booster post carbon filter. These filters combinedly give you health friendly RO water.

Instead of plastic this water purifier has got steel tank with dual protection seals. The tank ensures freshness of water as well as reduces the growth of bacteria and algae.

Fifth and last stage filter is mineral booster filter which which adds and keeps sufficient mineral in water. As a result your drinking water becomes healthier and tasty.

Your maintenance work becomes easier with Digital Sterilization Kit. With this kit you are able clean perfectly without any harmful chemical the entire water path, faucet and storage tank.

The ultra violet LED protects against germs reformation and also revitalizes the stored purified water. Thus you are able to store the purified water for longer water without any side effects.

This machine uses only LG authorized filters and so there is quality assurance high degree of efficiency. Apart from these you can install it easily either on a wall or on any desk.

With smart display system the LG WW182EP water purifier gives you indication of filter change timing, water level and power. A secondary valve is there on the side of the machine for rinsing vegetables.


Very elegant design.
2 in 1 water solution.
Higher efficiency and longer life.
Mineral booster filter.
Steel storage tank.
Digital sterilization system.
Healthy and tasty water.


Cost is little higher.
Water wastage is there.
A premium quality medium capacity water purifier is good for urban middle class family. The product has got elegant design and advanced filtration system. Being a maintenance friendly machine it gives reliable service.

Best Water Purifier in India No. 3 – KENT Supreme Extra 2020 (11113), Zero Water Wastage, Wall Mountable, RO + UV + UF + Alkaline + TDS Control + UV in Tank, 8 L Tank, White, 20 LPH Water Purifier

best water purifier in india 2024

Now, we have the Kent Supreme Extra RO water purifier with 8 liters of tank capacity functioning on zero water wastage technology. It performs multi stage purification of water and thus gives you 100% pure drinking water.

Multiple purification involves RO + UV + UF + Alkaline + TDS Control which ensures removal of even dissolved impurities such as arsenic, rust, pesticides and fluorides. Further, the purification system kills bacteria and viruses up to 100% and thus makes your drinking water safer for consumption.

For smaller family 8 liter tank capacity is good enough to store sufficient drinking water even if there is no electricity. The tank has got UV LED which keeps the water pure for longer hours.

The availability of alkaline filter really makes this water purifier stay far ahead than other water purifiers. With this filter you will get water output with a pH of 8.5 to 9.5 which is very much beneficial for health point of view.

Every drop of water is important. It becomes more important not to waste water during purification process. In this machine a booster pump recirculates the rejected water to the overhead tank. Here, you waste literally zero water.

ON and OFF of the Kent Supreme Extra water purifier is controlled automatically. To be more elaborative, the water purifier switches ON automatically when water in the storage tank lowers and switches OFF when tank is full.

Also, the machine gives you filter replacement alarm or any malfunctioning alarm annunciation. You can call mechanic from a good customer care support system and get your water purifier rectifier in no time.


Cost is very competitive.
Zero water wastage.
Health friendly alkaline water.
Automatic operation.
Highly reputed brand.
Transparent design.
Higher capacity with longer duration.


Scheduled filter replacement.
Costly maintenance.
The Kent Supreme Extra water purifier has got a lot of features in this price range. It’s worth paying for with a lot of values. Zero water wastage and alkaline water technology really the attractive points. Just go for it.

Best Water Purifier in India No. 4 – AO Smith Z9 Green RO 10 Litre Wall Mountable , Table Top RO+SCMT Black 10Litre Water Purifier

best water purifier in india 2024

Next comes the Z9 Green RO water purifier of 10 liter capacity by AO Smith. This has got elegant design and added features like hot water and SCMT filter.

A higher capacity of 10 liter tank is made food grade ABS material. Inside tank, the water remains safe for consumption for longer period of time.

There is 8 stage of filtration to give you 100% purified mineral water which is healthier. The filters consist Pre-filter, Sediment filter, Carbon block, ART (Advance Recovery Technology), Patented Side Stream RO Membrane, MIN-TECH (Mineraliser Technology) + ZX Double Protection Dual Filter* (Silver Activated Post Carbon block + SCMT).

The advanced recovery technology (ART) gives true water recovery greater than 55% and enables you save 9000 liters of water per year. At the same time give you 100% pure water.

Your drinking water comes from the water purifier with enough calcium and magnesium added with the help of Mineralizer Technology. This ensures the water tastes fresh, natural and has good pH value.

You have the option of getting purified water at 45 degree centigrade and 80 degree centigrade. Thus you can enjoy ready made cup of tea, make baby food easily or use hot water for medicinal purposes.

The water purifier has got light assist and so you can locate it easily even in the dark. Wall mount this premium machine in the kitchen and have a sense of satisfaction.

A good time to change the filter is easily noticed. For this, the equipment has alarm system which tells you in advance the need of changing the filter.


An elegant design and premium category product.
Silver charged mineral technology.
Food grade ABS tank.
Low power consumption.
Higher tank capacity.
Option of hot and normal water.
Can be wall mounted or kept on the counter top.


Hot button works only when tank is full.
In absence of electricity there is no manual dispensing system.
The Z9 green water purifier by AO Smith is a premium product. Having option of getting hot water gives you convenience of making tea, clear throat or preparing baby foods without lighting your stove. Here you get 100 % pure water with enough minerals.

Best Water Purifier in India No. 5 – Livpure Zinger 70% water recovery with Mineraliser+RO+UV+UF+6 Stage Purification 6.5 litre Electric water purifier- Maroon

best water purifier in india 2024

Livepure Zinger HR70 water purifier has got an outstanding design and color which improves aesthetics of your kitchen. With 6.5 litres capacity the water purifier is able to supply drinking water for your small family.

You will save more than 20000 liter per year with water recovery rate of more than 70%. At the same time get fully purified water due to 6 stage purification technology.

6 stage filtration include pre filter, sediment filter, RO filter, UV filter, UF filter, Mineraliser and TDS controller. After passing through these stages water becomes purified and free from bacteria, viruses etc.

Good drinking water should always taste good and fresh and have sufficient minerals. Here, mineraliser ensures adequate addition of essential minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium.

Equipped with RO 1500 TDS controller the Livepure Zinger HR70 water purifier is able to purify water from many sources like tap, tank and bore well. Don’t worry your machine will give you purified water all the time.

Keep yourself informed about filter life, UV sterilization status, water leakage if any and purification status with the help of wonderfully displayed LED indicators. You get notice in advance to change the filter.

The purified water inside water tank get sterilized with UV LED sterilization technology. As result water remains fresh after purification for longer period.

To make the installation easy the company assists you free installation after receiving the product. Give a call to the customer care and their technician will come and install the machine as you wish.


Water taste is good.
Cost is moderate.
Compact in size.
Sleek design.
Interactive display.
Water leakage sensors.
Advance alertness.


Little bit costly in these features.
Water wastage is there.
Made in India water purifier Zinger HR70 with 6.5 litre capacity is good for small to medium family. Taste and freshness is better than higher capacity water purifiers.

Best Water Purifier in India No. 6 – Cuckoo Dew Pond Eco Ro Water Purifier

best water purifier in india 2024

Cuckoo Dewpond water purifier has a very stylish design and this suitable for homes and offices both. It purifies water up to 99.9 % and removes all dirt, heavy metals and micro organisms.

The eco RO filter comes with special material that removes very fine substance even up to the size of 1/1000000 of hair size. As a result you get very clean water in every glass.

In terms of taste this water purifier stands apart as it uses carbon filter which is made of coconut. Made from coconut shells the filter not only cleans water but it also adds necessary minerals to it.

Final output is the alkaline water and has a pH value between 7-9 which is recommended for good health. Out of one litre of water you get 600-700 ml of RO water.

No matter how long you store the water inside tank, there is UV LED disinfection system which keeps the water inside tank safer and hygienic. This way you don’t taste or mineral from water even after longer periods.

You can install the water purifier in your kitchen wall as it is wall mount type and give your kitchen stylish and healthy look. There are display icons which tell you about the water level and filter replacement warning.

The manufacturer gives you one year warranty from date of purchase. This is useful when you receive a defective product


Stylish design and attractive look.
Very easy operation.
Affordable and low cost.
Maintenance friendly.
Healthy alkaline water output.
Good customer support services.
Low energy consumption.


Water wastage is there.
This water purifier has low cost, lower energy consumption with 99.9% of water purity. Having a stylish look and wall mountable feature the product is one of the best suitable for your kitchen.

Best Water Purifier in India No. 7 – KENT GRAND STAR MINERAL RO

best water purifier in india 2024

Kent is the undisputed leader in water purifier industry. The Kent Grand Star RO water purifier has a higher capacity of 9 liter with capability of giving 100% pure water.

Water passes through the multi stage filtration system before before being poured into your glasses. The multi stage filtration includes RO, UV, UF, TDS Control and In-tank UV disinfection.

With zero water wastage technology the machine harnesses 100% of water. It achieves so by redirecting rejected water to overhead tank for reutilization.

There is a digital display on the water purifier which guides you about water level, pureness state and filter health. Equipped with warning system the machine gives you advance warning of filter clogging and replacement time.

Your water not only becomes clean but also it has essential minerals too. This is particularly ensured by TDS control filter. Thus you get the pure water which is healthy too.

Due to higher tank capacity of 9 liter and a high purification capacity of 20 L per hour you will get supply of RO water even for longer duration in absence of electricity.

Lastly, one year of warranty is good enough to stay tension free as if any problem comes after purchase or any manufacturing defect is noticed you get it rectified in free.


A very reputed brand.
Cost is low.
Zero water wastage.
Higher tank capacity.
One year warranty.
Robust and durable product.
100% pure water.


This Kent Grand Star RO water purifier has a lot of features in this low cost. The features like zero water wastage and higher tank capacity are really attracting points. It can cater even small get together or guests. It is worth buying for.

Best Water Purifier in India No. 8 – Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Marvel 8L RO+UV e-boiling+MTDS with Active Copper Water Purifier (White & Black)

best water purifier in india 2024

Next in the list of best water purifier in India is Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Marvel. In metallic finish this water purifier has compact design and superior look.

Taste of water and its pureness is always of high standard as the Aquaguard Marvel is equipped with 7 stage filtration system. The water passes through 7 stage filters before being stored in the tank.

There are many types of filters employed in this water purifier. The filtration process includes I-Filter, Chemi Block, Mineral Guard, Taste Adjuster, RO cartridge, UV e-boiling and Active copper technology.

You can use this water purifier for TDS up to 2000. It has got tank capacity of 8 liter and you can install it on your kitchen wall. The Aquaguard Marvel is capable to clean water from multiple sources like tanker, borewell or tank.

Equipped with Active Copper technology the water purifier gives you water enriched with copper. You get a number of health benefits with this water like better metabolism, higher energy good physical growth.

At the same time, the Mineral Guard Technology retains essential minerals in your water and thus further securing your good health. Also, Chemi Block filter removes excess chlorine and organic impurities.

After removing sediments and heavy particles the purifier cleans the water with UV e boiling technology. This is as good as boiling the water for 20 minutes in order to make it safer and pure.


Compact and superior design.
Medium size tank capacity.
Purifies water from multiple sources.
Economical cost.
One year warranty.
Good technical support.
Copper enriched water.


Almost 60% water wastage is there.
The Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Marvel is one of the best water purifier in India due to its superior design, copper enriched water without loosing minerals. The product cost is affordable too and gives you a healthy water.

Best Water Purifier in India No. 9 – Aquaguard Aura 7L RO+UV e-boiling + MTDS water purifier with Active Copper & Mineral Guard Technology ,8 stages of Purification (Black & Copper)

best water purifier in india 2024

Now, we have Aquaguard Aura water purifier by Eureka Forbes. Having 7 liters of tank capacity and 8 stages of purification process this water purifier is just superb for medium size urban family.

Based in Mumbai Eureka Forbes has good record of making quality RO water purifier with Aquaguard brand name. Output water is health friendly and enriched with goodness of water.

8 stage of filtration includes i filter, mineral guard, chemi block, membrane life enhancer, taste adjuster, RO cartridge, UV e boiling and active copper technology. Each stage has got its own functions.

First, I filter removes sediments like dust, dirt, mud, sand etc from water. Thereafter, mineral guard ensures that your water does not loose essential minerals and so ensuring you a healthy water.

Next, the Chemi block removes excess chlorine and organic impurities and thus makes water free from bad taste and odour. Taste adjuster is there to ensure your drinking water tastes good, no matter where it came from.

Lastly, apart from RO cartridge which clears arsenic, bacteria, viruses, protozoa and cysts this machine has got UV e boiling and Active Copper technologies. UV e boiling keeps the water safer from bacteria regeneration and Active Copper adds the goodness of copper in the water.

As far as installation is concerned, you can place this RO water purifier Aquaguard Aura either on a wall or on table top. With one year of manufacturer warranty and services available within 5 km of radius the product stands apart.


Reputed brand.
Economical product.
8 stage of rigorous filtration.
Goodness of copper in water.
Good customer support system.
Essential minerals are not lost.
Scheduled maintenance.


Water wastage is there.
The 8 stage of filtration process leaves no stone unturned to ensure you the clean and healthy water. Tank capacity is too 7 liter which is not bad and your family will not run out of water. Look is also good and the product is affordable one.

Best Water Purifier in India No. 10 – Faber Galaxy Plus RO+UV+UF+MAT, 9 Liters, 8 Stage Mineral Water Purifier with Upto 2500 TDS, Black

best water purifier in india 2024

This is the most economical so far in the list of the best water purifier in India. Built by Franke Faber India pvt. ltd. the Galaxy Plus RO water purifier has capacity of 9 liter and 8 stage filtration process.

The equipment is designed to give optimum operation and good result for water source of TDS upto 2500. Water tank is too made of ABS food grade plastic material and germ block technology.

Energy efficiency is another good feature of this product. It controls itself automatically and turns off power once water tank is full.

In order to purify the water, it gets passed from various filters like sediment filter, carbon filter, RO membrane, post carbon filter, mat filter, UV & UF filters.

The Galaxy Plus water purifier by Faber India is suitable for home and offices. Also it is able to purify water from any source either from tap, ground or municipal supply.

You also get one year of warranty from from the Pune based manufacturer. The company endeavors to make water purifier affordable even by common people.


Very low cost.
Customers feedback are good.
Made in India product.
High tank capacity.
Multi stage filtration.
Display indicators.
One year warranty.


Water wastage is there.
If you have got a lower budget and still looking for the best water purifier in India than this RO machine is an ideal for you. The product has 8 stage of filtration and higher tank capacity of 9 liter. Value for money product.

Buyer’s Guide to The Best Water Purifier in India 2024

There are various terms and technologies you should be aware of, if you are going to own a water purifier. Good knowledge always helps you take better action associated with water purifier.

Whether you buy, maintain or resell a water purifier, knowledge of these terminologies will help you understand costing and maintenance factors.

In this section we are giving you in-depth information on spares, technologies and quality factors used in a water purifier.

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Reverse Osmosis is a water purifying technology in which a semi permeable membrane is used to filter out the dissolved impurities like arsenic, chlorine and heavy metals.

A pump generates the pressure and high pressure water is applied against the membrane. It obstructs the impurities of even microscopic sized and lets clean water pass out seamlessly.

Source of Water

It is important to know the source of water because your water may come from many sources.

Your source of water may be a tap water supplied form municipality, borewell water or water from tanker services.

Whatever the source, it is better check the TDS of the water. Also confirm whether your water is purified at source itself or not.

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)

It is the total amount of solids both organic and inorganic mixed in the water. TDS is measured through a digital meter in parts per million or ppm.

Generally, the operational definition is that solid must be smaller than 2 micrometer so that it can survive the digital meter filtration.

Pre Filter

Pre filter is installed outside the RO water purifier machine. It is the first filter that faces incoming water.

It filters out the big solid particles and sediments like mud and sand from the water before entering the RO machine. Due this filter life of RO membrane and other filters inside the water purifier machine increases.

RO Membrane

RO membrane is the main filter which filters out dissolved contaminants from the water. This membrane is of semi permeable nature.

High pressure water is used against the membrane to flush out the impurities of even fine nature and pure water is passed forward.

Post Filter

Post filter is usually a post carbon filter and it comes after the RO membrane in the filtration stages.

After removing the impurities the bad taste and smell from water is removed using this filter. Hence, without this filter you will not get flavored water.

Storage Tank

Storage tank is an essential component of a water purifier machine. It stores water as per its capacity and makes water available for you even during non electricity hours.

Please make sure that storage tank of your water purifier is made of food grade material. It should have water sterilization system too within the tank.

Alkaline and Acidic Water

pH value of water ranges from 0 to 14. At pH value of 7 the water is neutral.

If water has pH value lower than 7 then it Acidic and it is not good for health.

Water having pH value greater than 7 is alkaline it is good for health. It is recommended to get water purifier whose output water is of alkaline nature.

Essential Minerals in water

It is important to know whether the water purifier retains the essential minerals like potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, copper etc. even after purifying it.

Many good water purifiers have mineral guards which actively keep the nutrients inside the water. So don’t go for an ordinary one.

Go for good one water purifier machine listed above with detailed description.

FAQs – Water Purifier

What is RO?

RO stands for Reverse Osmosis. This is the most common and popular water purification technique.

This technique allows pressurized water to pass through a semi permeable membrane. The dissolved solids do not pass and pure water passes the membrane.

So, towards unpressurized side you will have a stream of pure water.

What are water purifying techniques?

There are many water purifying techniques. These are boiling, water purifier machine, reverse osmosis, water chlorination, distillation, iodine addition, solar purification, clay vessel filtration, UV radiation and desalination etc.

What is power consumption of a water purifier?

Power consumption of water purifier varies as per as per purifying capacity of the water purifier. Normally a typical RO water purifier for of 7-8 liter capacity is of 30 to watt.

How do I choose a good water purifier?

The online market is filled with a number of water purifier machine. Here, we have done the hard work for you and picked up the 10 best water purifiers in India.

Better you look at your budget and family size and choose any one among the list given above. Save you time and money.

Is boiled water better than RO water?

Boiled water kills all bacteria organisms present water that do not survive high temperature. But, still there is dissolved solids like nitrate, chromium, lead, nickel etc.

In RO water all dissolved solids are removed using semi permeable membrane. With UV filter the water is made bacteria free.

So, you can see here that boiled water is not better than RO water.

Maintenance of a Water Purifier

You are investing your hard earned money to buy a water purifier. It gives you not only pure and tasty water but also saves you from many diseases.

You need to follow the maintenance schedule supplied by the manufacturer in true spirit. This way you can take the services of your water purifier machine for longer duration.

Here are some tips to maintain a water purifier.

  • Keep your machine covered with a good cloth cover and protect it from environmental dust.
  • Keep the water tap blanked when not in use and protect it from any fly or insects sitting in faucet.
  • Follow the maintenance schedule as given by the manufacturer.
  • Whenever beep sound or alarm is there call mechanics and get your filter changed.
  • Always call the trusted and trained mechanics.

The Bottom Line

RO water purifier at home has become a new normal. Along with healthy diet and good exercises, drinking clean water has become extremely important.

So, investing on a water purifier is always a better decision. No matter how much money you spend to buy a good water purifier.

Your water purifier will always give more values than investment.